~Birding in Texas, Painted Bunting, #1

I don’t think an artist, given a blank canvas and asked to paint a bird, would have dreamt up the color combination of the Painted Bunting.

Reds, orange-reds, blues and greens all present in bold and iridescent shades, makes this male Bunting a striking specimen. Nature created magic with this beautiful bird.

Painted Bunting
Painted Bunting, male.











I first saw this gorgeous bird at South Llano River State Park on April 13, 2014. It is number 365 on my Birding Life List. It was a thrill. Park staff told me when we checked in that one male Painted Bunting had arrived and was spotted at one of the bird blinds. I felt lucky to have seen it then and very happy to get to add it to my life list.

I took the photo above on April 17, 2017, and it was still a thrill to see this bunting.

More photos of the Painted Bunting to follow.

Happy Birding!


One thought on “~Birding in Texas, Painted Bunting, #1”

  1. One of my favorite birds! We have a pair that come to our backyard feeder almost every day. They next around here and we usually see them during spring and summer. This year I have just enjoyed watching them and haven’t tried taking their picture.

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