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~Today’s Feathered Friend-Gone Crabbing~

Western Gull

Western Gull
Western Gull looking for dinner in the surf of the Pacific Ocean
Got a crab!
He keep dropping this crab in the ocean and picking it up again.
He keep dropping this crab in the ocean and picking it up again
“I think I will go eat it now!”
Can just make out the crab leg
Can just make out a crab leg

Photos taken, August 3, 2014, while we were staying at Fort Steven’s State Park in Astoria, Oregon.


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~Today’s Feathered Friend – Whimbrel~


Whimbrels in Flight

I am happy to share with you my sightings of these beautiful curlews. These photos were taken on a cloudy and windy day, July 14, 2014, while walking on the beach at Bullards Beach State Park in Bandon, Oregon.


The Whimbrel is the commonest curlew, which escaped the destruction suffered by other curlews at the hands of early gunners, probably because the species migrates chiefly over water. Its nesting habitat in Canada and Alaska hasn’t been disturbed so its numbers are stable. It is easily identified by its large size, distinctive head stripes, and decurved bill. It is a monogamous breeder and occasionally nests in loose colonies. (info taken from several birding books)


There are four!

Searching for food

This was my first sighting of these Whimbrels, making it number 369 on my Birding Life List. It was exciting seeing these Whimbrels searching for food and taking flight along the shore of the Pacific Ocean. It was an extra special walk, this July day, because hubby and I were were accompanied by friends.


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~ Today’s Feathered Friend-Western Sandpiper~


Western Sandpiper


Western Sandpiper

A FewFacts:

`Black, relatively long sharp-pointed bill
`Black legs
`Contrasting reddish-brown markings on shoulder
`Reddish brown on crown and ear patch
`Feeds on crustaceans, mollusks, worms and aquatic insects
`Nests on moist tundra or mossy slopes

Western Sandpiper Art
Western Sandpiper Art

New one! – #372


Photos taken at Bullards Beach State Park, Bandon, Oregon


Bullards Beach State Park
Bullards Beach State Park

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~Today’s Feathered Friend – Black-necked Stilt~

Black-necked Stilt (juvenile)
Black-necked Stilt (juvenile)
Mom and baby
Mom and baby
Flying over the marsh
Flying over the marsh
Close-up in flight
Close-up in flight
Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge
Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge


I captured these photos when visiting Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge on Monday



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~Today’s Feathered Friend – silky-tailed songbirds~


Cedars have velvety chests of gold,

and crests fitting of a king,

their colors so prominent and bold.


While wearing a black facial mask,

and smiling, it appears,

stealing berries their task.


Bright as the sun, a tail dipped in yellow,

distinguished with age,

are these fellows.


Among the ladies, they are measured,

 for their waxy, red, wing tip,

and then granted pleasure.



Cedar Waxwing
Cedar Waxwing


A Cedar Waxwing sitting in an Oak Tree


Gregarious by nature
Gregarious by nature


Sun-streaked in beauty


a charming, courtship ritual they exhibit,

while sitting on the branch of a tree,

passing a cherry, insect or petal of a flower,

back and forth to each other,

until the gift is accepted, freely


A pool party
A pool party!


We have never seen so many Cedar Waxwings in one location. It was fun watching them come in for a drink. In all the photos I captured of them drinking, there was always one Cedar preforming the task of “lookout”. Photos taken in April 2014 in South Llano State Park, Junction, Texas. I was using my Canon 70D with Canon EF 75-300mm 1:4-5.6 lens.


Added to my Birding Life List

on o6/09/87

Loveland, Colorado

(with Ann Means, my birding friend

and my Mom who came for a visit [special])


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~Today’s Feathered Friend-Color me Indigo~

A Tanka


unique in color,

depending on how the sun,

shines its light on him,

a deep blue to purple sheen,

is how seen, his name Bunting


What a beautiful bird!
What a beautiful little bird measuring only 5 1/4 to 5 3/4 inches


 Today’s Feathered Friend:

Indigo Bunting



`deep-colored bright blue overall (breeding plumage)

`only North American small finch to appear blue all over

`blue-purple head

`dark blue to black lores

`blue edging to blackish wings and tail

`dark gray conical bill


`plain, but beautiful brown

`two tawny buff wing bars

`short, gray, conical bill

`blue-edged feathers on wings and tail


`populations are expanding with the creation of disturbed habitat after logging, highway and power line    construction and from farmland abandonment (yeah to expanding)

`likes forest edges, roadsides, hedges, dry brush lands, orchards, open woods, creeks and rivers

`eats grasshoppers, beetles, weevils, aphids, cicadas, cankerworms, span worms, flies, dandelion seeds, aster, thistle, grasses, grains, berries and more

`nests in raspberry and other shrubs

`song is a sweet-sweet, where-where, here-here, see-it/see-it (pretty melody)

`many are killed, while migrating at night, striking power lines and tall buildings (wind farms next?)

`neotropical migrant, flight speed measured at 20 m.p.h

`common hosts to cowbird parasitism 😦


Indigo Bunting taking a bath
Deep blue with purple sheen on head


Splish-Splash I'am taking a bath
“Splish-Splash I’am taking a bath”


**If  you want to learn more about the Indigo Bunting, please go to The Audubon Society Encyclopedia of North American Birds, Smithsonian Handbooks, Birds of North America and Stokes Field Guide to Birds. I used these sources for my information.

Artsy background highlighting a beautiful Indigo Bunting
Artsy background highlighting a beautiful Indigo Bunting (I played with the background in this photo.)


Added to my Birding Life List

on o7/12/88

Sky Rocket Road, Loveland, Colorado

(with my amazing birding mentor- Ann Means)


 Photos taken at South Llano River State Park in April of 2014 while sitting in a bird blind. I was using my Canon 70D with Canon EF 75-300mm 1:4-5.6 lens (no stabilization).




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~Today’s Feathered Friend-Color Me a Rosy Red~


A Haiku


large bright yellow bill

color me a rosy red

my name, Tanager


Summer Tanager eyeing  a suet feeder
Summer Tanager eyeing a suet feeder


Figuring it out!
Figuring it out!


Water Fall Imitation


Today’s Feathered Friend:

Summer Tanager


`Seven and three-quarters inches in length

`Bright rosy red overall – all year

`Large yellowish bill (more yellow during breeding season)

`Darker red wings and tail


`Yellowish below, slightly darker above

`Yellowish bill

`Olive-green upper parts

`Orange-yellow under parts


`Tanager is from language of Tupi Indians of Amazon region, who called these brightly colored tree-drelling birds tangaras

`Most common North American tanager in its range – eastern and southern United States

`Song is Robin like and is a repeated Pick-a-Tuck

`Eats mostly bees and wasps and known to catch them right out of the air

`Habitat: Pine Oak woods, willows and cottonwoods, along streams

`Likes peanut butter and cornmeal from your feeder

~Neotropical migrant

~Vulnerable to habitat loss and forest fragmentation

`Host to Cowbirds, uncommon {yeah}

`Usually monogamous and many appear to remain in pairs all year

`Information taken from several sources including: Stokes Field Guide to Birds and Smithsonian Handbook Birds of North America, NGS Birds of North America


Going to get a cool drink of water
Going to get a cool drink of water


A beautiful Summer Tanager
A beautiful male Summer Tanager


Large Yellowish Bill
Large Yellowish Bill

While camping at South Llano State Park in April of 2014, I captured these photos while sitting in a bird blind. It was a thrill to see this beautiful Summer Tanager up close. I also saw the female, but didn’t manage to capture her with my camera. She was pretty shy!

The Field Sparrow told me about this water slide
“The Field Sparrow told me about this water slide”


He was right: "This is fun!"
“He was right this is fun!”



Added to my Birding Life List in April, 2007

at Dead Horse Ranch State Park

Cottonwood, Arizona


 My Birding Life List – 366



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