Travel Notes

Travel Notes 2018/2019

~Sand Hollow State Park, Hurricane, UT (NOTE: make reservation in July)

~Dead Horse Ranch State Park, (928) 634-5283, 675  Dead Horse Ranch Road, Cottonwood, AZ 86326,  14 days, Site 73, A11/11/2018, L11/25/2018

~Cave Creek Regional Park (NOTE: make reservation in May), 37019 N Lava Ln, Cave Creek, AZ 85331, (623) 465-0431, Cave Creek, AZ, 14 nights

~Lost Dutchman, Apache Junction, AZ, 14 nights, 6, Site 44, A12/09/2018, L12/23/2018

~Catalina State Park, 11570 N. Oracle Rd, Oro Valley, AZ 85737,(520) 628-5798, 14 nights, B10, A12/23/2018, L01/06/2019

~Picacho Peak State Park, AZ, 14 nights, Site B10, A01/06/2019, L1/20/2019


~Catalina State Park, 13 nights, Site B11, A01/27/2019, L02/09/2019

~DeAnza Resort, Amado, AZ, 2869 Frontahe Road, Amado, AZ, (520)398-8628, 8 nights,, A02/09/2019 L02/17/2019

~Catalina State Park, 10 nights, Site B6, A02/17/2019, L02/27/2019

Travel Notes 2017/2018

~KOA, Colorado City-Jennifer, 9040 Interstate 25 South, Colorado City, CO, $50.00/night, 719.676.3376, A10/14/2017, L10/15/2017, Loveland, CO to Colorado City, CO – 180 miles 

~Enchanted Trails RV Park-Jim, 14305 Central Avenue NW, Albuguerque, NM 800.326.6317,$39.00/night, A10/15/2017, L10/16/2017, Colorado City, CO to Albuquerque- 317 miles

~Homovovi State Park-Web, Site 5, $25.00/night, 132171014-037154, Winslow, AZ 86047, A10/16/2017, L10/18/2018 – 144 miles

Site 5

~Trailer Village RV Park, , Visiting the Grand Canyon, 100 Market Plaza Road, Grand Canyon, AZ, 4 nights-$45.00/night, A10/18 – L10/22, 152 miles (no photo)

~Dead Horse Ranch State Park, (928) 634-5283, 675 Dead Horse Ranch Road, Cottonwood, AZ 86326, 7 nights- A10/22 – L10/29, Site 76


~Cave Creek Regional Park, 37019 N Lava Ln, Cave Creek, AZ 85331(623) 465-0431, Cave Creek, AZ, 7 nights – A10/29 – L11/05, Site 17 (Photo taken at Sunrise)


~Catalina State Park, Oro Valley, AZ, 11570 N. Oracle Rd, Oro Valley, AZ 85737, 520) 628-5798, 14 nights – A11/05 – L11/19, B11, 9 nights, B9, 5 nights


 ~Rock Hound State Park, Deming, New Mexico, 1 night


~Fort Stockton RV Park, Fort Stockton, TX

~South Llano River State Park, 1927 Park Road 73 , Junction, TX 76849, (325) 446-3994, 4 nights – A11/22 – L11/26

~McKinney Falls State Park, Austin, TX, 4 nights, Site 10, A11/26 – L11/30

~KOA, Las Cruces, NM

~Fort Stockton RV, Fort Stockton, TX

~Hidden Lakes RV, Beaumont, TX

~Frog City RV, Frog City, LA

~Fairview River State Park, Madisonville, LA

~~Eastbank Campground, US Army Corps of Engineers park, 153 Eastbank Road, Bainbridge, GA 39819 GA/FL state line, (229)662-9273

~Rocker Crusher RV Resort, Crystal River, FL

~Ross Prairie State Park, Ocala, FL

~Three Flags, Wildwood, FL, #1700152865, 4 nights, A01/28 – L02/01, 888551-9105)

~Lake Louisa State Park, Clermont, FL, 2-34091800, 6 nights, A02/01 – L02/07, Site C44

~HamCaTion, Orlando, FL, A02/07 – L 02/11

~~Lake Louisa State Park, Clermont, FL, 2-34151972, 4 nights, A02-11 – L02/14, Site C64, Plus, 2/15 2-34159410

~~JDSP, Hobe Sound, FL, 2-34157350, C68, 14 nights, A 02/15 – L03/01

~Rainbow Springs State Park, A53, 5 nights, A03/01 – L03/06

Travel Notes 2016/2017

**Note all CANCELED 

~Trailer Village RV Park, Grand Canyon, 11/05 – 11/11
~Dead Horse Ranch State Park, Cottonwood, AZ, 11/11 – 11/18
~Cave Creek Regional, Cave Creek, AZ, 11/18 – 11/26
~Catalina State Park, Oro Valley, AZ, 11/26 – 12/10
~Lake Louisa State Park, Clermont, FL, 02/01/17 – 02/08/17
~Hamcation, Orlando, FL, 02/08/17 – 02/12/17
~Lake Louisa State Park, Clermont, FL, 02/12/17 – 02/14/17
~Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Hobe Sound, FL – 02/14/17 – 02/28/17
~Rainbox Springs State Park, Dunnellon, FL, 02/28/17 – 03/05/17

oOo-We did take a short trip beginning at the end of February for two months. Had a wonderful time, except we truly missed our Sibe girl. 😦 We noticed more RV’ers on the road, campgrounds being full or close to it, reservations needed, and needing to watch out for Spring Break!!!

~Sportsman RV and Horse Park, 5385 US Hwy 50, Lamar, CO 81052 (719) 336-3623, Good for a one night stay, in route. There are two RV parks in Lamar. I prefer one and Howard the other.

~Amarillo Ranch RV Park, 1414 Sunrise Drive, Amarillo, TX 79104 (866)244-7447, We always stay here when we travel through Amarillo.

~Lake Colorado City State Park, Colorado City, TX,, Love this park for birding, Sites 46, 49. We had the campground to ourselves both times. Saw a new bird, the Scaled Quail and lots of Roadrunners.

Lake Colorado City State Park

~South Llano State Park, Junction, TX (birding!),, Site 33, 25. My fav!

Site 34, South Llano State Park
Site 33, South Llano State Park

~Riverview RV Park, Waco, TX (visited Magnolia Market/Silos), Spring Break! Whoa!

~Houston West RV Park, 35303 Cooper Road , Brookshire, TX (866)621-1899), Couldn’t get in at Stephen F. Austin so we stayed here. Spring Break. Nice park.

~Frog City RV Park, 3003 Daulat Drive, Lafayette, LA (337) 873-9085, GREAT cajun food in this area, Always stay here, convenient and good eats. Nice park!

~Fairview Riverside State Park, Madisonville, LA, visited with friends/great cajun food, A fav place to stay.

Our site at Fairview Riverside State Park
Our site at Fairview Riverside State Park (2017) Howard had to setup the DirecTV dish, because we could not get out through the trees.

~Hidden Lake RV Park, 6860 S Major Drive (409)840-9691, Beaumont, TX, We enjoyed this park; stayed here and traveled to High Island.

~Stephen F. Austin State Park, San Felipe, TX (near Katy),, beautiful park

~Buckhorn Lake Resort, Kerrville, TX, They have Pickleball courts.

~Then back to South Llano State Park and Lake Colorado City State Park


Travel Plans 2015/2016

~Amarillo Ranch RV Park, Sp9, 11/09 – 11/13 (car trouble)
~Copper Breaks State Park, Quanah, TX SIte 22 (A11/13,L11/15)
~Cooper Lake State Park, Sulpher Springs, TX, Sitexxx
~Fairview River State Park, Madisonville, LA, Site 41 (A11/17,L11/19)
~Jonathan Dickinson State Park S72 (full hookups)
~Lake Louisa State Park S36 (full hookup site)
~Myakka River State Park S56 (full hookups)
~Alafia State Park S30 (dump station)
~Lake Manatee State Park S17 (dump station)
~Lake Louisa State Park S50 (some sites have full hookups, this one didn’t)
~Orlando Central Florida Fairgrounds ((dump station)
~Lake Louisa State Park S11 (some sites have full hookups, this one didn’t)
~Rainbow SpringsState Park S53 (full hookups)
~Eastbank Campground (COE core of engineer)

Travel Notes 2014/2015

2014/2015 Winter Travel Schedule

~Lake Manatee State Park A 11/02/14 – L 11/09/14 – S 2
~Myakfa River State Park A 11/09/14 –  L 11/14/14 – S 50
~Lake Louisa State Park A 11/14 – L 11/23 – S 14
~Ross Prairie State Park A 11/23- L 11/30 – S 3
~Lake Louisa State ParkA 11/30 – L 12/07 – S19
~Rainbow SpringsState Park A 12/07  –  L 12/14-  S 53
~Manatee Springs State Park – S74
~Lake Louisa State Park – S11
~Little Manatee River State Park
– S19 ~Alafia River State Park – S22
~Jonathan Dickinson State Park – S58/S72
~Orlando Central Florida Fairgrounds
~Lake Louisa State Park – S50
~Silver Springs State Park – S51

Travel Notes 2013/2014

~San/Sue/Ed RV Park (A-August 13, L-August 20th)

~Travel – 6th to 13th (?)

~Fort Stevens State Park (A-August 2nd, L-August 6th)

~Nehalem State Park (A-July 30th, L-August 2nd)

~South Beach State Park (A-July 23rd, L-July 30th)

~William M. Tugman State Park (A-July 16, L- July 23rd)

~Bullard’s Beach State Park (A-July 7, L-July 16th)

~LaPine State Park (A-July 03, L-July 7, 2014)

~Burns, Oregon? July 2nd

`Three Island Crossing State Park (July 1, 2014

~Willard Bay State Park (June 29 and 30 2014)

~Loveland, Colorado (home) (April 22, 2014)

~Bottomless Lakes State Park (April 20 and 21)

~Brantley Lakes State Park (April 18 and 19th) 

~Balmorhea State Park  (April 17, 2014)

~South Llano State Park (April 13-April 16, 2014) fantastic site #43

~Buckhorn Lake Resort (April 10-April 12, 2014)

~Stephen B. Austin State Park ( April 6-April 9, 2014) gorgeous site #39

~Gulf Coast RV Resort (April 3-April 5 2014)

~Frog City RV Resort-Duson, LA (March 31 – April 2, 2014)

~Fairview Riverside State Park (March 23rd – March 30th)

~On the Farm! Ten wonderful days!

~Meaher State Park, Mobile, Alabama (March 9th-11th) (new)

~Blackwater River State Park, Holt, Florida, Site 005 (March 8th)

~Rocky Bayou State Park – site 33 in Niceville, Florida (March 3rd-7th) (new) bayou side sites are larger

~Blackwater River State Park, Holt, Florida, Site 017

~Eastbank Campground, Bainbridge, Georgia (near Chattahoochee, Florida, Site A01 (love this lake view site)

~Silver River State Park, Ocala, Florida – sites 47, 14 and 51 (not a bad site anywhere!) (new)

~Rainbow Springs, Dunnellon, Florida – sites 19 and 33

~Lake Louisa State Park, Claremont, Florida – site 45

~Central Florida Fairgrounds, Orlando, Florida, for HamCation

~Jonathan Dickinson State Park – Site 28

~Lake Griffin State Park  – Site 38 (new)

~Eastbank Campground – US Army Corps of Engineer Park – Site 57

~Blackwater River State Park – Site 3

Date: Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Arrived at Fairview Riverside State Park in Madisonville, LA

Site 43, #22.00 a night (season)

Will be here eleven nights.

Date: Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Stayed one night at Natchez State Park near Natchez, MS, Site 28, $12.00 a night for those 65 and over (new)

Date: Monday, November 18, 2013

Travel: 127 miles from Tyler State Park, Tyler, Texas; Stayed one night at: Lake Bistenuae State Park, Site 62, $20.00 a night (new)

Date: Saturday, November 16, 2013

Travel: 110 miles from MCD in McKinney, TX

Stayed at Tyler State Park near Tyler, TX for two nights; Site: 62, $18.00 a night (new)

Date: Sunday, November 10, 2013

Traveled: 60 miles from Ray Roberts Lake State Park (new)

Arrived: McKinney, Texas, Visited: 7 nights, Site Number: 8; no charge for site

Date: Monday, November 4, 2013

Traveled: 60 miles from Rita Blanca Lake; Stayed six nights at Ray Roberts Lake Park; Site Number: 87 (new)

Date: Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Arrived: County Park, Dalhart, Texas (new)

Traveled: 111 miles

Visited: Three nights for $15,00 a night


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