~Great Egret~

 Great Egret in Breeding Plumage





During mating season when the Great Egrets start to build their nests, I wonder how they go about choosing just the right stick. It is so much fun to watch them hunting for, choosing and then delivering to their mate, just the right one. I took these photos at The Rookery at Smith Oaks, High Island, Texas.

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Keep Gathering!

Displaying its gorgeous feathers and looking over the nest.

Displaying its gorgeous feathers and looking over the nest.

~Red Heads Have More Fun~

Clinging to an Oak Tree

For all the World to See

Beautiful in Colors of Three

Red-headed Woodpecker

Red-headed Woodpecker


Appears to be floating in air

I have been trying for several days to capture this gorgeous Red-headed Woodpecker with my camera. Finally got a few shots today!

It has been delightful observing their behavior of flying from tree to tree, chasing each other either in trying to impress a mate or intimidate a foe, drumming to announce their availability, digging a hole for a nest or just pecking their way up a tree for food.

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Pay attention if you see me, because I’am one handsome bird!


~Just Look~

Look up,

look down,

look around, 

and always,

look forward,

to tomorrow.

Howard and I had fun watching these Canada Geese while camped at Meaher State Park in Spanish Fort, Alabama. Not long after the geese found a safe rousting spot and the sun dipped over the horizon, a full moon greeted us with its bright happy face to wish us sweet dreams.

Look Left

Look Left

Look Right

Look Right

Look Down

Look Down

Look Up

Look Up

Camped along Mobile Bay

Camped along Mobile Bay

Sunset over Mobile Bay

Sunset turning Mobile Bay aglow.

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Just Look!

Full Moon over Mobile Bay

Full Moon over Mobile Bay




~A New Bird Book & a New Bird~


Red-bellied Woodpecker (female).

Red-bellied Woodpecker (female). Photo taken at Silver Springs State Park in Ocala, Florida.

I have been looking for the book The Sibley Guide to Birds Second Edition for awhile now. Today, I finally found and purchased this lovely birding guide. I was specifically searching for the re-printed second edition.

I am very happy to add this book to my birding library. Howard kiddingly asks me, “How many bird books do you need?” I reply, “One can’t have too many!”


Blue-headed Vireo


On February 27, 2015 I saw and photographed the little song bird in these photos. It was flitting around hunting for bugs and didn’t stay still long. At first I just assumed it was a Solitary Vireo, which I first saw in Colorado in 1986.

Tonight, while looking through my new bird book, I discovered that the Solitary Vireo as been divided into three separate species:

(1) Plumbeous

(2) Cassin’s

(3) Blue-headed

This Blue-headed Vireo has been added to my Birding Life List at number 385.


Large head, short bill, dark gray head, white spectacles, belly and throat, yellowish flanks.

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Sing your heart out!


Beautiful little song bird; averages one phase every 2.5 seconds.