A Day with friends…..

The day before we left Wildwood, FL we spent the day with our friends Karla & Larry touring around the unique town of Inverness, FL. This was our first visit to Inverness. We met at Stompknockers On the Square, where we were treated to our very first gator nuggets.  Larry, said that we would never again look at a gator without thinking of eating this appetizer and he was right. This just might be the first and last fried gator nugget for this girl. We enjoyed a very nice lunch and then walked over to Cooter Pond Park.

Cooter Pond Park is within walking distance of the historic, downtown area of Inverness. The parks’ boardwalk, over the pond, allows you the opportunity to view its inhabitants from a high and safe place.

As we walked along the boardwalk we observed Cooter turtles, bass and alligators swimming among the tall reeds, Lily Pads and Water Hyacinth. We spotted a Little Blue Heron and several Kingfishers fishing for their lunch! Good thing we did not have to do the same!

Cooter Turtle
A Cooter Turtle (yellow phase)
What Lies Amoung the Lily Pads?

As we were walking to our car, after this fun walk, we heard and then spotted two Pileated Woodpeckers, tap, tap, tapping away. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a clear, sharp shot, because they were too high up in the trees.

It was a very fun day and our friends were wonderful hosts. I am sure we will return to this unique and beautiful area. Maybe next time we will go have a milkshake at the old Rexall Drug Store and chat with the bikers!

"Look Mom I Caught a Leaf"
“Look Mom I Caught a Leaf”
Water Hyacinth
Water Hyacinth in Cooter Pond

One thought on “A Day with friends…..”

  1. We have not explored the eastern part of the country yet in our rig but hope to some day. How is the weather out your way? Love that Cooter turtle but could do without running into that gator. 🙂

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