To Those We Hold Dear…..

To let those we hold dear know how special they are,

We send our love with oodles of cheer.


All of you mean more to us then we sometimes show,

With joy and serenity our hearts are aglow.


Our wish is for you to have a glorious and jovial season,

This meaningful note is sent for no other reason.


During this New Year you will achieve,

Your passions, hopes and imaginings with gleeful spirit we believe.


To those we hold dear,

We Love You!

Merry Christmas

2 thoughts on “To Those We Hold Dear…..”

  1. Spoken as true friends! Our wish is for your good health, good fortune, lots of FUN & good friends and God’s holy blessings throughout this New Year! – The Frey’s

  2. Brenda & Louis, thanks for your wishes! We hope we are enjoying your time with family. We look forward to seeing you both in last February or early March.

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