Cool Temperatures and Nesting Birds…..

~ A Slice of my Hill ~
A small view of my backyard hillside.

When we returned home from our six-month (half-time) RV travels back in May, we were greeted with several days of snow and cold temperatures. After several days of warm weather, I thought we would go from winter to summer. However, for several days now it has been “cool” here in northern Colorado, currently it is 55 degrees!  Lovely!! These lower temperatures are welcome!

The hubby and I were sitting on the deck one evening last week enjoying a glass of red wine when all of a sudden we heard loud quacking. I turned toward the noise and saw a huge crow trying to gain altitude with a baby bird in its claws. The baby bird was heavy enough and the attack by the parents powerful enough to caused the crow to land in the middle of the street. I tried to run out to assist, but as I was making my way down the driveway the crow flew off ~ with the baby.

This crow raided the nearby nest of a pair of Western Scrub-Jays. These Jays were so upset flying in circles and “crying” for the longest time. My heart broke listening to their cries and I just hope the baby Jay died quickly. Mother Nature can be so cruel.

Since the snow melted, I am not seeing the Dark-eyed Juncos at my feeders, haven’t for two weeks now They are probably enjoying higher elevations (perhaps up in Rocky Mountain National Park) and much cooler temperatures. I guess five-thousand feet wasn’t high enough for them!

A few Western Scrub-Jays, over the years, have adopted my yard to spend their spring and summers. I often see them chasing away the Blue Jays – this is their home after all. This morning I did observe a Blue Jay grabbing a peanut!  Where were you Scrub?? I delight in the Scrubs presence with their comical antics and look forward to seeing them upon our return home. In the mornings they will hear my garage door opening and will fly to greet me chattering away, because they know I am putting out bird seed and their favorite – peanuts.

Scrub Jay
Scrub Jay
Black Bird - Crow or Raven
Black Bird – Crow or Raven?

I have several species of birds nesting either in my yard or near by. Among these are: House Finches, Spotted Towhees, Black-capped Chickadees, Morning Doves and Ringed Turtle-doves. There might be more, but I have not witnessed the nesting activity of others.

~ Spotted Towhee ~ a nesting pair in my yard
~ Spotted Towhee ~ a nesting pair in my yard
House Finch
A handsome male House Finch
Lichen Covered Boulders, Resting Dragon Flies, Sleeping Cats and a very old Grape Vine
Lichen Covered Boulders, Resting Dragon Flies, Sleeping Cats and a very old Grape Vine. Another view of part of my back yard.

And , of course these bird-seed eating machines What can one do, but to enjoy their antics as well!

~ You talking to Me ~
~ You talking to Me ~

Yeah, spring is here and I hope it lasts for a few more weeks!!!!

2 thoughts on “Cool Temperatures and Nesting Birds…..”

  1. My days have been strange as we prepare to leave for our excursion to CO! Looking so forward to visiting with you both and sharing some photos. Your squirrel;jas a tan/brown belly and our squirrels are very white bellied. I’m taking the shepard’s hooks and feeders down this weekend. Glad our other neighbors also feed the birds, but it’s too hard for the “boys that mow” and for the birds to gaze into empty feeders to leave them out until we return. Plus the rains cause mold and bacteria in the food and wood feeders and that is just NOT GOOD, Can’t wait until we landscape and put up our covered shelter for the feeders – next Fall??? I’d rather not feed at all than to feed with fear of harm due to the seed deteriiorating. So with the rains coming in/ the feeders go out until we are here for proper control!! (best a safe source than no source at all???) Love your photos!

    1. Hi Karla, delighted to hear from you on the blog! You sound like you are experiencing stress getting ready to head out west – hope I am reading this incorrectly! We are very much looking forward to seeing you both!! Hoping ya’ll have time to stay a few extra days. I just hope you get to relax and not worry about the rally so much. Things will go wonderfully!! Yes, feeding with the potential for mold is a concern. Our feathered friends need all the help we can give them with nature taking its toll all by its self. If I don’t speak with you before you leave have a safe and enjoyable ride!! Hugs!!

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