Honey Bees love Speedwell Flowers
Honey Bees love Speedwell Flowers

A beautiful day to examine you closely


~Bold anatomy is needed to defy harsh climates

~Craftiness is your ability to survive

~Delightful details disclose your secrets

 ~Exposed expression shares with us your true meaning

 ~Faults are forgotten and blended with your overall beauty

 ~Graciousness in your offering to those dependent on you is


~Hidden beauty goes unnoticed for most, but not all

~Intricate symmetrical angles and shapes reflect the sun’s rays

 ~Joyful existence is what you present to those who truly see

~Kaleidoscope of colors and hues so vivid they appear seemingly unreal

Looking close, into your soul, reveals your inner strength

4 thoughts on “Close-Up…..”

    1. I kept thinking how to create this post. I had no clue how it would turn out and by the time I finished I wondered if I was still talking about the flowers. It is not what I first had in mind. Too funny.

      I have never been one to even consider writing anything so I don’t truly know why I am doing so now.

      All I do know is that I am having fun and enjoying reading posts
      by people, like yourself, that are really good at it!

      Maybe, as we age, we realize that it is better to try something new then not to even try at all. Plus we know there might not be too much time left. 😉

      Perhaps blogging is an outlet for creativity one can pursue, which is totally different then their past experiences. The directions a blog can take are endless.

      I believe without my newly discovered love for photography the writing/blogging might not have continued. However, RV’ing is the main reason I started- to share travel experiences.

      LuAnn, thanks for your kind words and sorry for the long reply, but my fingers just kept typing!

      1. Sheila, you seem to be describing me. I do feel somewhat torn, as my blog started out more as an RV blog, but I feel the pull to take it in a somewhat different direction as photography interests me more, as well as writing. May I ask what type of camera you are using? I am researching new cameras right now and am very torn. We love to hike and I take my camera along, so don’t know how big and bulky I want to go.

  1. I purchased a Canon EOS Rebel T3 about two years ago. What really makes the difference I believe for me is my new lens. Last August, for my birthday, my husband surprised me with a Tamron 18-270mm lens with vibration compensation. I love this lens! I don’t use the lenses that came with the camera. Next purchase, down-the-road,, 🙂 is a new Canon.

    Info on lens:
    Tamron AF 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 VC PZD All in one zoom lens.

    Go where your heart leads you!!

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