Blog name Change…..

A beautiful Sunset
A beautiful Sunset

From “My Side View” to “Wolf Song Blog”

When I started this blog, I knew nothing about creating a blog. I saw other people’s blogs and wanted to give it a try – mostly for fun, to try my hand at being creative and to continue my love for using the computer. After all my college degree is in a computer field and my career was spent using my technical degree (not too much creativity there).

When I first created my site I called it “My Side View” with the intention of sharing adventures while my husband and I travel in our RV. Well since then I have come to truly enjoy writing and sharing my photography.

The My Side View title, I believe, is not relevent to the time spent at home when not traveling.

I soon realized I had made a few mistakes when setting up my blog. My email address, for many years has been WolfSong. It is a name I picked years ago and is a reference to my love and respect for the Wolf. The blog address and the blog title did not match, so I decided to change the blog name to Wolf Song Blog. Now they match – WolfSongBlog as the address for the blog and Wolf Song Blog as the title.

Hopefully, this name change is a better fit for my site – it feels right to me. Let’s just hope this change works and does not create other unknown problems!

You may now reach my blog just by typing: WolfSongBlog.Com


4 thoughts on “Blog name Change…..”

    1. Hi Karla, I am glad you like the change. Hope you and the “L” are enjoying your day. So sorry about all the bad weather ya’ll experienced, but like you said – KUDOS to “The Driver” for his skill and to “The Co-Pilot”.

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