SBS:~Western Kingbird/Take Two~

Western Kingbird
Western Kingbird

Sheila’s Bird Shots…..

Guess where we went today? 

If you guessed to check on our motorhome you would be correct.

Last week’s visit was to remove two, five year old start batteries, which were going bad and this week was to install the newly purchased start batteries. We have a total of eight batteries in our rig, two start and six house. Thankfully, the six house batteries are only three years old!

While hubby was installing the batteries, I mean what could I possibly have done, I was again photographing the beautiful, Western Kingbirds. 

My foray into the Western Kingbirds space was more successful than last Saturdays. No circling or fussing at me. We were still separated by a high chain link fence, but I was able to capture these images.

Western Kingbird
Western Kingbird

6 thoughts on “SBS:~Western Kingbird/Take Two~”

  1. I love your collage of the Western Kingbirds – just stunning!

    As for batteries, I think I need to have my coach batteries replaced. They say they have a complete charge during the day according to my solar panel, but discharge rather quickly at night after the sun goes down. This might be their 5th year…

    1. Hi, thank you! Yep, I think batteries only last, on average, about five years. If in doubt get yours checked, don’t want to be off with non-working batteries. Hope you are enjoying beautiful Durango!

  2. Sheila, what great pics of the kingbird. Thank you for visiting my blog. I like to come and visit you as well and it would be nice if you put a link to this blog on your blogger profile so myself and others can follow you back here. Unfortunately, your blogger profile is mostly a dead end and the only link I can click on it the blog that you follow! When I google Wolf song it brings up all kinds of links, but not your blog. I had to actually type out the whole name of your blog with the “” to get to this site. There should be away to add this blog with a link to it on the blogger profile that you created.

    1. Oh Katie, thanks for stopping by my blog! I am delighted you posted. Thank you for your kind words in reference to my bird photos. I truly love birding and trying to capture their images. Also, thanks for the heads up with the Google profile. I think I have it figured out now and even included a photo. I love your site – photos and writing!

  3. Hi Sheila:
    I’m leaving this comment on the wrong day’s blog! My comment is in response to your question about odors and memories. I have lots, but the one that came to mind as I was reading your blog was Juicy Fruit gum always always conjures up memories of my ballroom dancing lessons when I was about 14 years old. I chewed gum so I’d look more comfortable than I felt and would have ‘good breath!’ It never fails – I could be anywhere doing anything and that’s what would come up all these years later.
    Your blog is beautiful and lovely to read also. Thanks, I’m now a follower!

    1. Yes, Juicy Fruit gum would certainly trigger memories. It has a delightful, but powerful smell. I loved chewing this gum as a kid and still do. Maybe, your post will bring me a Juicy Fruit memory! What a lovely memory of taking ballroom dancing lessons at such an early age; hope you still enjoy this activity.

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