Triggering a Memory, from Smell or Sound-Part Two…..

A Stunning Sunset The Sunset, on this afternoon, was probably the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen!
A Stunning Sunset
The Sunset, on this afternoon, was probably the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen!

If you have read my previous post: Triggering a Memory, from Smell or Sound-Part One, then you know what this post is about.

Sorry, I don’t have any photos of the river, they are  packed away somewhere safe, just like my memories. Maybe, something will trigger the memory as to just where they might be.

 ~ Part Two ~

The Mississippi River


Being newly married, Howard and I lived about a block from the Mississippi River in Jefferson, Louisiana. Howard spent his childhood and part of his adult life by this mighty river and often played as a boy along its banks. Sometimes him, his brothers and friends played IN the river, which did not make his Mom and Dad very happy.  To this day, many years later, he still loves the smell of the Mississippi River.

I also came to adore the distinct smell of the river. It is an immensely, pleasant odor and we both often refer to it as a “the sweet smell of the river”. I don’t smell this particular sweet odor often, but when I do fond memories of early marriage, our life together by the Mississippi River and family pops into my mind.

As for playing along the Mississippi, as adults we often walked, jogged and biked up on the river levy, which ran for miles and miles. From a top the levy we always had beautiful views of the River; the River channel full of tug boats pushing their loaded barges; birds flitting along the shore line and among the Willows; to include other abundant wildlife only a river environment offers.

When we rode our bikes, along the River, our toy poodle would ride comfortably and happily along with us, in her basket attached to the handle bars of my bike. A special memory of a precious little girl.

As for hearing sounds that trigger a fond memory, laying awake at night with the sweet odor of the river floating in the air, the river captains would blow their tug boat whistles. A long, steady and mournful sound. A unique, treasured song from long ago, which I greatly miss. For me it equates to love and tranquility.

Odors and sounds triggering fond memories,

mysterious why it happens,

but always a welcome experience.

What fond memories are triggered when you smell a certain odor or hear a certain sound?

6 thoughts on “Triggering a Memory, from Smell or Sound-Part Two…..”

  1. Wisteria. When I had to travel back and forth from Santa Barbara, CA to San Francisco every weekend to take care of my ailing parents, I would come home exhausted. I would step out of the car and immediately smell the Wisteria. I would breath deeply, sit on the bench under the beautiful bush, and let the wonderful fragrance relax and sooth my soul.

  2. Wisteria is a beautiful flower with a heavenly scent. Glad to hear that this fragrance was so healing for you at a time when you needed it most. Taking care of ailing parents is extremely stressful both physically and emotionally. Margie, thanks for writing and sharing your memory.

  3. My favorite memory is the smell of the ocean. When I’m nearing the coast and “smell that smell” it always brings a smile to my face.

    A funny smell is that of a cleaner called Fabulosa – it has a distinct smell and it widely used in Mexico. I call it “the smell of Mexico!” 😉

    1. The ocean does have pleasant smells! We are planning a west coast trip next summer/ fall. Can’t wait to take a big inhale!! LOL

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