Poetry:~Fall is in the air~

autumn harmonies 

resonance comes from a far

musical rhythms


classic “V” in view

unfurled across the sky

geese fly in formation


brave leader singing

honk-a-lonk notes

signaling fall migration

                              By Sheila: August 24, 2013

While having coffee yesterday morning, on the deck, Howard and I could hear Canada Geese honking. Two flocks flew directly over head, bringing signs of fall with them. I can’t believe I don’t have an image of a Canada Goose. Note to self  – take one!

(photo taken in Rocky Mountain National Park 09/2012)

6 thoughts on “Poetry:~Fall is in the air~”

  1. Good Morning Mia, wishing you a good photo day! Yes, it never fails, when hearing the Canada geese and seeing their beautiful flying formation, thoughts turn to fall!

    I remember one evening years ago while driving on I25 heading back to Loveland, we saw “thousands” of geese. They just keep coming, waves and waves.They were headed south. It was a beautiful sight and one I will never forget.

  2. “Fall in the air” – our highs are for the week are expected to be only 105 are a little more. However, this weekend I saw a flock of geese over head. But instead of coming up from the gulf and heading north, they were going west to east. I have never seen that before.

    1. Good Morning Marshall and Nancy! I hope ya’ll are having a nice Monday. So sorry about the temps, we are expecting a couple of 90 degree days and then hopefully they will be over. It might have been wishful thinking on our part, because the sound of geese honking-a-lonking overhead brings thoughts of fall! Perhaps the geese are confused, because of the weather. Some indications of early fall; however the temps are saying something else. I read that the Farmer’s Almanac is prediction a bitter cold winter.

    1. Oh no, not a poet, but I have recently become interested in jotting down things running around in my head. Strange, because I have never done anything like it before. Your poetry is lovely and I enjoy reading it.

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