OTW:~Autumn Joy & Honey Bees~

Sheila‘s On the Wing Shots: ~ Honey Bees enjoying Autumn Joy


Honey Bee and Autumn Joy
Honey Bee and Autumn Joy

I planted several Stonecrop plants along our driveway, because they are attractive, drought resistant and the bees love them. They are in full bloom and the Honey Bees are having a feast.


Autumn Joy Stonecrop



Sun Kissed Wings
Amazing Eyes
In Full Bloom


Photos taken this morning August 28, 2013.

5 thoughts on “OTW:~Autumn Joy & Honey Bees~”

  1. Hi, thank you for visiting and for your nice comment. I will return to read your blog in much more detail! I was interested right off with your Worker Bee post. Be Happy!

  2. Hi Janell, I hope you are doing well since your car accident. I would have written on your site, however the comments were closed. Thank you for your comments here, they are appreciated. You seem to truly enjoy your creativity expressed in your art work and that is nice to see and read about. Your work is lovely!!

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