Life is better with Power!…..

View, from my deck, looking southeast. There is water where water should not be!
View, from my deck, looking southeast. There is water where water should not be!

Sometime during the night, we lost power and it was restored about twenty minutes ago. Notice in the photo above, the leaning power poles. Crews probably can’t get in there, for repairs, until the water goes down. Those power lines must not have been what caused our outage.

I am most thankful for all power workers and for all the power plants across this country! I am deeply sorry for all fellow Coloradans still without power, for those who had to evacuate and for those who have been flooded.

Wishing everyone a happy weekend!

4 thoughts on “Life is better with Power!…..”

    1. Hi Gay, sorry it was hailing there, hail can cause severe damage. We were traveling through Amarillo, TX one year, on vacation with our Airstream and pulled into a RV park just after a big hail storm. The damage was awful. The Big Thompson Canyon, Estes Park and surrounding areas have been damaged pretty badly. Very sad!

  1. I’ve been watching the news on this flooding very carefully because I used to live in Colorado and still have friends there and I love Colorado so much. I’m glad your power has been restored and I am sending positive thoughts your way. Be safe.

    1. Hi Mia, thanks so much and I hope your friends that live here are doing okay. Compared to a lot of people my power is irrelevant. We are learning just how bad these heavy rains have turned out to be. Thursday nights rains were what caused most of the current damage. The Big Thompson has 17 miles of road damage, and is closed. The only way into Estes Park is over Trail Ridge Road. Some people are stranded and are being air lifted out. Animals are stranded and I feel so sorry for them. The Fall season tourism will be greatly impacted. More rains are forecasted for this area, I hope they are wrong.

      Beautiful photos coming from you; I look everyday with admiration!!

      Stay safe in your travels and keep posting your beautiful photos!

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