I have been undressed,

Thought, I would care less.


I am sad, a little distressed,

Winter winds will trespass.


Let me not digress,

Looking forward to my new dress. 


Spring will bring me happiness,

My blooms with be the best.


Yucca Plant
Yucca Plant

I took these photos, in my yard, the day before we left Colorado at the end of October.

We are currently at Tyler State Park near Tyler, Texas. We plan to leave in the morning heading to Lake Bistineau State Park near Shreveport, LA.

I am behind in blogging and hope to catch up, in a few days, sharing all our experiences since leaving Ray Roberts State Park. All is great! Back in a day or two!

4 thoughts on “~Undressed~”

    1. Hi Andrea, isn’t it fun when a sense brings back wonderful memories! I will have to notice the Yucca’s smell. I was on a hike one time, slipped and fell. I discovered later, when my thumb began to hurt that I had fallen on a Yucca plant and a needle had imbedded itself. Boy was I surprised when what appeared to be an inch long needle popped out of my thumb.

      Enjoyed your comment!

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