~Around this time last year~

We are currently in rainy and cold southern Mississippi and while sitting here inside the coach, wishing for sun and warmer temperatures, I looked back to see what photos I had taken around this time last year. We were already in Hobe Sound, Florida. Here are a few:

Fishing (photo was stylized)
(photo was stylized)
Kite Surfing
Kite Surfing
Daydreaming or Fishing (photo stylized)
(photo stylized)
Waiting to be taken on the Loxahatchee River tour!
We were waiting to be taken on a Loxahatchee River tour!
Trailing Fishing Lines
Trailing Fishing Lines
Little Yellow Flowers
Little Yellow Flowers
Coral Cove
Coral Cove
(a favorite place)

The Pack and I have been enjoying ourselves visiting with family here in Mississippi; however the weather hasn’t been good. We haven’t been able to be outside much and it certainly isn’t good photo taking weather! Hopefully, before we leave on our way to southern Florida, we will have at least a few good weather days. I need to take a few cow, horse and yard dog photos! We have enjoyed wonderful conversations, great southern food and a few big city shopping excursions,

Wishing for sun!

5 thoughts on “~Around this time last year~”

  1. I always enjoy the times we spend with Joe’s sisters…laughing and hearing stories around the kitchen table.

    I sure hope the weather cooperates!

    Hobe Sound looks like a lot of fun…love the coral cove!

    1. Hobe Sound is a neat little town sandwiched between Stuart to the North and Jupiter/West Palm Beach to the South. The town placed no build restrictions on high-rises many years ago. It has BEAUTIFUL beaches and Banyan tree-lined streets! Howard’s brother and SIL live there.

      Last night we had a hum-dinger of a thunderstorm and drizzle all day today!

  2. Well if you can’t be outside snapping photos, you might as well be shopping and it’s always nice to visit with family. Hopefully you’ll receive the sunshine I’m sending your way 😉

    1. Ingrid, thanks for sending the sunshine this way; perhaps it was captured along the way!! LOL I am not much of a shopper, but I do enjoy little excursions! My SIL is a REAL-SHOPPER and can be gone for hours and hours.

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