12 thoughts on “~Pretty and Smart like a Fox~”

    1. They are just too darn cute. Yesterday, we were driving out of the Blackwater River State Park and we spotted “something” along the side of the road. I turned around and it ran into the woods. On our way back from town we spotted another one, this one was all black with a white face! Last yesterday afternoon we were on a long walk and this little guy was hanging down by the river. I was lucky to capture her. A totally different color combination!

      1. We stayed at Blackwater River SP as our first stop in Florida but it was cold and rainy most of the time we were there. Not much movement to be seen, including us! 🙂

        1. It is still winter here, with warm to cool days and much colder at night. Tonight’s low 27 – time to disconnect the water hose!! Brrrr! I bet you are much warmer that me!

    1. Hi Ruth, he or she sure was a cutie. We have seen three of these guys, each a totally different color combination. I still have hopes of photographing another one! Hope you guys are doing well!

  1. Adorable! I went to Birstol (UK) and saw many of them! They are so beautiful. I also have nice pictures of them.

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