~trapped, suspended~


trapped, suspended

never reaching destiny

caught by the unknown


In the grips of thorns



  For some reason these pinecones, stopped by other vegetation from falling to the ground, caught my eye. They are Longleaf Pine tree, pinecones. Big!

A very young Longleaf Pine
A very young Longleaf Pine
Notice the looong needles!
All grown up
Tall, straight and strong, the Longleaf Pine!
Turkey Oak
Mixed in with the Longleaf Pines –
the Turkey Oak
Stink Bug
A Stink Bug crossing the road
Red-bellied Woodpecker
White-throated Sparrow
White-throated Sparrow
Carolina Jasmine
Carolina Jasmine Vine
Almost ready to bloom
"Want to race Kloudy", Skye asks
“Want to race Kloudy”, Skye asks
"I.am trying, I have shorter legs you know"
“I.am trying, I have shorter legs you know”
"I give up"
“I give up”
"I'am tried, after my big race"
“I’am tried, after my big race”
"Mom, will you come get this pine needle out of my way"
“Mom, will you come get this pine needle out of my way”

Photos taken March, 2014 (1st/2nd) at Blackwater River State Park. These are a few of my remaining photos from our visit.

Today, we drove about forty miles to Rocky Bayou State Park in Niceville, Florida. It was a short and pleasant ride! After setting up and walking the girls, we drove out of the peaceful, treed park looking for some Florida seafood. We stopped at a small restaurant called the Big Fish Grill, which overlooked a marina and enjoyed a delicious late lunch.

We decided after lunch to take a drive. We drove a big loop through Niceville, Fort Walton Beach and Destin arriving back at the park. Whew, lots of traffic, shopping centers, restaurants and high-rise hotels and condominiums!

Before we leave this area, heading west, I want to walk on the beach. I remember visiting Fort Walton Beach with my Mom and younger sister when we were kids; Dad always stayed home. We spent some fun vacations here swimming in the gulf. It sure is different from what I remember; of course that was a long time ago!

Tonight will be chilly, low of 37. Tomorrow we plan to visit an Air Force museum.

Live in the Now!

10 thoughts on “~trapped, suspended~”

  1. Beautiful! Such a magnificent part of the world you are in – and you capture its essence so perfectly in both words and images!

  2. Great shots and I love those two fluffy dogs. Beautiful faces. I can see how you loose your heart to those two beauties.
    Sounds like a wonderful day.

  3. Skye and Kloud are beautiful…just absolutely beautiful Sheila!

    You are in our old stomping ground. Our land house was about 5 hours from Destin so we visited there for vacations many a year! The beaches are beautiful….I hope you have time to visit the “little” communities like Grayton and see some of the dune lakes in Top Sail.

    1. Good Morning Gay, we are hoping for at least one day of good weather. It will start raining here today around 3 or 4. It was 37 degrees last night and this morning it is still pretty cool. We just took a walk through the woods, it was lovely! We are going to the museum today. Thanks so much for your information about Grayton and Top Sail! Hopefully, we will get to explore them. Have you ever been to Henderson Beach State Park? Thanks for your sweet comments re: my “girls”.

  4. You have sure visited some nice FL State Parks and captured your surroundings beautifully. How far west will you get…the desert southwest possibly? We just arrived in Tucson and the desert cacti will be blooming soon after the recent rain.s

    1. Good Morning Lynda! Yes, we love staying in state parks. Those and county and US Army Corp parks are our first choice!

      We are slowly making our way home to Colorado. After leaving here we will stay at an Alabama state park near Mobile, this will be a first!

      Then with my brother and sister-in-law near Hattiesburg, MS, then to Fairview River State Park near Covington, LA.

      We will stay a few days around Lafayette, LA for some great food and music and then head toward Texas.

      We love Oro Valley and have stayed at Catalina State Park many, many times. Also have stayed at Picacho Peak State Park, Usery county and Cave Creek.

      Where do you stay in Tucson? Have fun, enjoy the weather and the beautiful blooming desert!

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