raindrops are falling

in puddles, creating ripples



Tall Pine Reflections
Tall Pine Reflections
Black and White
Black and White

A little fun on this stormy day. It rained all night last night and all day today. The thunder and lightning were severe at times.

10 thoughts on “~Poetry-Raindrops~”

  1. What beautiful pictures Sheila. I especially liked the circles in the second picture. Hope the storms have moved on. Have a super Saturday!

    1. Hi my friend! Thank you! It always means a lot when you like my post! I hope you are enjoying your writing!! I need to spent sometime looking at the blogs I enjoy following, like yours! Take care and happy writing!

      1. I’ve got the same promblem Sheila reading all those wonderful blogs that I’ve subscribed to, like yours..you take care too and keep writing!

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