~Homeward bound, and still enjoying the journey~


The rhythm of the coach tires rolling across the highway, through dry west Texas landscape, is a pleasing sound. The wheels on our faithful coach keep turing, bringing us closer to home and further away from family and our southern friends.  For now it is a pattern of life we have chosen and one we are extremely happy living. Leaving is the natural way of things; this is how it is suppose to be, but still sad.

As  I look out my side window at the stark beauty of the areas we pass, I can’t help thinking how fortunate we are to be able to travel. It is with happiness that we roll along talking about past experiences and planning new adventures.

Caught in Flight
Caught in Flight

We feel excitement when preparing to leave home, knowing we will see family and friends. We anticipate meeting new people along our route. We know we will feel delight in the discovery of different and beautiful places. We know fun times will be shared and fond memories created.  

We also know our 2013/2014 winter trip is almost over.  

At the end of October, 2013 we rolled out of Colorado, leaving home and friends behind. It is with excitement that early next week we will roll into our home town with friends to see, a stationary life to enjoy, projects to complete and of course new travels to plan. 

On Friday, as we rolled along, we passed a sign. The sign made us both shout with joy. What did the sign say: You are entering Mountain Time Zone! Yes, our beloved Mountain Time Zone. Our bodies are once again in rhythm with our minds!! {grins}. Thank goodness for that! I asked Howard if he thought it would work if we just kept our clocks set to Mountain Time. What do you think?

A Pretty Face
A Pretty Face

Recent Travels:

As planned we left Beaumont, Texas on a Sunday, knowing that we would have to drive through Houston. We don’t like driving through Houston and choosing to drive this route at mid-mourning on a Sunday works best for us. Straight through driving on I-10, no problem! Another reason from leaving on a Sunday  – it is the only way we can get reservations at Stephen F. Austin State Park. This park is located close to Houston and Katy and is a popular destination for local nature lovers, especially on the weekends. 

We had a wonderful four days there and moved on to Kerrville, Texas staying at the Buckhorn Lake Resort. While there we ate some locally made Catfish Gumbo (always wonderful) and had the coach washed and waxed, which is the main reason for stopping in Kerrville.

Leaving Kerrville, we traveled less than sixty miles to South Llano State Park in Junction, Texas. As I have stated before, this is one of my favorite state parks. We met a lot of birders from all across the US and Canada. It is amazing how many people travel to Texas during this time of year to bird.

We also met some very interesting amateur and professional photographers and some astronomers. I am looking for a new lens to go on my Canon 70D so I spoke with some of these photographers to get their opinion on which lens to purchase.

After four wonderful days, it was sad leaving South Llano, because I enjoy the birding so much. We drove to Balmorhea and spent one night at Balmorhea State Park and then headed to Brantley Lake State Park in Carlsbad, New Mexico. 

This is where we are through the Easter weekend, leaving tomorrow. We drove this route last year on our way home and enjoyed the area, so we decided to take this route again. A few flowers are blooming, but for the most part spring hasn’t fully arrived in this part of the west. We had hoped to walk around The Living Desert Wildlife Museum, but the weather is not cooperating, another time perhaps.


As I sit here, in my comfortable home on wheels, looking out across the prairie, I  hear rain hitting on the roof, I see dark grey storm clouds rolling across the sky, driven by spring winds and I feel content.

The Rambling Rose, our home on wheels, keeps us happy and safe!


Homeward bound, and still enjoying the journey!






6 thoughts on “~Homeward bound, and still enjoying the journey~”

  1. Stunning photos Sheila and such a relatable post. I tell you, those time changes are always the worst. We love our travels, but always smile when we pass that “welcome to colorful Colorado” sign. I’m looking forward to meandering around this beautiful state this summer 🙂

    1. Hi Ingrid, thank you! Yep, love that “Welcome to Colorful Colorado” sign as well. Back to low humidity and beautiful mountains!! Yeah!!

      We got itchy and left Roswell a day early so this morning we are riding “up” Hwy 285! We will see that sign soon, have lots of fun in Grand Junction and take lots of photos.

  2. What a very nice post Sheila…I can so understand your feelings! Like you, Howard, Skye and Kloud, we are so happy to be in our cozy little home on wheels. Unlike you, we haven’t decided where we would like to have a sticks and bricks home.

    Beautiful pictures of the thistle…especially like the butterfly too.
    Safe travels!

    1. Good Morning Gay! I hope you enjoyed your Easter Sunday! It is so hard thinking about where to live or have a home base! Hopefully, one day when ready the location will be just come to both of you!
      Have fun in The Verde Valley!

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