~My Contribution to Good Fences #12~

My contribution to

Good Fences



A fence 

high in the mountains,

sloped toward the clouds,

kissed by snow drifts.


A log fence at 11,796 feet
A log fence at 11,796 feet


Howard on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park
Howard on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park


Windy and cool!
Windy and cool!

On Tuesday Howard and I took a ride into Rocky Mountain National Park driving all the way to the top of Trail Ridge Road. It was a fun day!


17 thoughts on “~My Contribution to Good Fences #12~”

    1. Thanks to you and your Good Fences, I am now on the lookout for beautiful fences! I have always loved them, but never really thought about how to capture them. Wishing you a great week!

    1. Hi Ingrid! If you want to travel to RMNP from I-25 to Hwy 34 into Estes Park then I think the road is fine. We had to stop once to wait for construction, which lasted about 10 minutes. We didn’t have any problems.

      I love to travel from Loveland to Estes Park via Glen Haven, which you get to from Drake taking the road to the right at the Y. However, the Glen Haven road is under repair with lots of road work activity. We started up this road, but had to turn around.

      It was very, very sad seeing all the damage from the flood last October. This was our first trip up to Rocky, through the Big Thompson Canyon, since the flood and it was truly heartbreaking.

      Let me know if you have any questions!

    1. Thank you Eileen! It was a beautiful day and it did get cooler as we went higher in elevation! The snow was melting quickly and running off the slopes of the mountains. Lots of watering!

    1. I know. I was lucky to have the little light jacket. Howard had a light jacket as well, but didn’t have it on at the time! He is the one that is cold, while I am the one that is always warmer. Lots of tourist running around in shorts! Go figure!

  1. It’s funny you posted about fences….I take pictures of them all the time! There’s just something about an old fence!

    Very nice Sheila…even if it did look cold!

    1. Thanks Gay, it was a pretty fence. I remember the very first time we saw a snow drift fence. Who knew such a thing existed – right – coming from the south what did we know. 🙂

      You should enter your fence photos on Good Fences every Thursday!

    1. Having lived here since 1986 we have gone through phases of visiting the park, not visiting the park, because we have been so many times. But, now, after retiring and having the time to truly enjoy time there, it is as if we have rediscovered this beautiful national park.

      It is beautiful and you should visit again!

    1. Good Morning LuAnn! Sorry for the long delay in responding, but I didn’t forget your comment. So glad you guys are heading west. As hubby and I say “the west is the best”. Let me know when you reach CO. Do you know where you will be staying? We will be back in Loveland for a few weeks, before heading to a October 11th wedding in FL. Oh geez! I read on your blog yawl were leaving the DC area!! I bet you are glad!

      1. We are glad Sheila. We have been missing a slower paced life and some wide open spaces. We will be in Colorado for a couple of weeks in September, arriving around the 11th and staying in Longmont for a week then in the Denver area for another week.

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