~Rock Springs, WY to Willard, UT~

A most beautiful Rest Area off of I-84
Beautiful Utah

We spent last night surrounded by dry, baron, landscape in the booming town of Rock Springs, Wy. No pretty scenery or lush grass to gaze upon. For those of you who have stayed in this town you know what I am talking about.

It was however entertaining watching as RV after RV drove into this KOA looking for a place to stop for the night. We normally don’t stay at private RV parks, but this was a convenient location for us to stop on our first night out.

What else was there to do, but watch the RV park fill up with all types of RV’s.

We observed rigs stopping in front of the office, people going in and coming right back out and then watching as they turned their rigs around heading back to I-80 with, I assume, hopes of finding a place to spend the night on down the road.

Lots of people RV’ing this time of year! It is a good idea to make reservations if you can!

This morning, as we continued west, the landscape became green and mountainous and in places fast flowing river water carried happy floaters down stream. Looked like a lot of fun.

We passed fields with cows, horses, llamas, goats and sheep all grazing on tall, summer grass. Howard saw some Big Horn Sheep, but I missed them!

Here we are stopped at one of the most beautiful rest areas we have ever seen.

Stopped at one of the most beautiful Read Areas - Utah off of I-84
Utah off of I-84

We turned from I-80 onto I-84.  Our destination, Willard Bay State Park, which is located just north of Ogden and south of Brigham City. What a beautiful drive this was and more on this state park later.


Utah, I84
I wonder who lives here? Do you see the house?
Gorgeous rock formations, just what Utah is known for

The above photos were taken at the Rest Area. I have tried to take photos while riding down the road, but I am never satisfied with them. I was lucky we stopped at this rest area today.


American Robin
American Robin (young)

As we sat outside at our camp site today, we had a visitor, an American Robin. He would run around, plop down to sunbathe for a few minutes, then get up and start running around some more!


A camp site visitor
A camp site visitor

The photos below were taken while taking a walk around the campground this afternoon. I had to add some close-ups! (didn’t have my macro lens with me).





We will spend one more day at Willard Bay State Park to go sightseeing!


 A fun day! 

3 thoughts on “~Rock Springs, WY to Willard, UT~”

  1. Great photos. When I drove through Utah my first year on the road I was really surprised at the beauty all around me. I had no idea it was such a beautiful state. Really cute picture of the robin taking a dust bath. At least I guess that’s what he’s doing. 🙂

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