~My contribution to Good Fences #15~


My contribution to

Good Fences



A trail to follow
A trail to follow


trails to follow

a fence casting shadows

welcoming shade

invites us to follow

look close we have a visitor


A fence casting shadows
A fence casting shadows
Look close we have a visitor
Look close we have a visitor
California Quail
California Quail


Photos taken June 30, 2014 at Willard Bay State Park, Willard, Utah. A new bird for me, number 367!

14 thoughts on “~My contribution to Good Fences #15~”

    1. The patterns were what caught my eye! Thanks!

      I took a fence photo this morning here in LaPine State Park, for next week. See what you started, I am now always looking for an interesting fence! 🙂

      Happy Independence’s Day!

    1. Hey Brandy! Glad you posted and we are glad you and Dave are following alone! I hope your adorable chickens are doing well.

      For those of you reading these comments, please go out to Brandy’s blog to see the designer chicken coop she designed, and her and hubby built. It is amazing!!

  1. Love the rounded posts and how they alternated putting them together. Love the way the shadows fall and that was a bonus about the quail.

    1. Happy Independence Day! Wishing you a joyful day! We just love state parks and this one didn’t disappoint as far as the scenery goes. It was a little close to I-84 however.

  2. Hi Sheila,

    Happy 4th of July to you, Howard and the girls.  It’s great to be on the road again with you.  I do envy your lifestyle.  My mother, who never got to Europe, always said there’s so much to see right here in our own country.  I’ve done a bit of traveling but never in a motorhome.

    I’m having Linda’s and Joe’s friends, Carol and Pam, over for ribs, coleslaw and beans.  We had our first monsoon activity last evening and it was a lot.  It did cool things off a bit for the moment, but the wind left quite a mess.

    I hope Skye didn’t suffer any long-term effects from that attack.  McKenna is doing well and seems to get closer to me all the time although I keep saying she can’t get that way any more than she already is.  I’ve had dogs all my life but never one as cuddly as she is and as a result, I’ve allowed her to do a couple of things my others couldn’t do like get on the couch as long as she is on her blanket.  She just wants to be close to me and I’m enjoying it.

    Take care and happy travels.


    1. Julie, absolutely wonderful to hear from you here on the blog. I am thrilled you are enjoying our travels! Give McKenna a big hug from me. I am glad she is a little lover.

      Skye is doing well and so is her sister the Kloudy girl! They are laying at our feet enjoying a cool breeze. It is okay to spoil our best friends!! 🙂

      We are in LaPine State Park, south of Bend, OR. We leave here Monday morning heading to Bandon.

      Please tell Pam and Carol hello from us. Enjoy our country’s Independent’s Day! Your selection of lunch sounds wonderful!

      I always look forward to hearing from you! Hugs!

  3. I love the quails. We spotted one in Arizona…a gamble quail I believe. They are hard to capture in pictures.

    I do love fences! What a great idea to post them!

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