~Today’s Photos – July 26, 2014~

`Newport, Oregon

`South Beach State Park

`Arrived July 23, 2014


Today we visited…. 

Yaquina Head Lighthouse and Yaquina Head Natural Area

Yaquina Lighthouse
Yaquina Head Lighthouse
Offshore Islands at Yaquina
Offshore Islands at Yaquina Head Natural Area
Yaquina Head Natural Area
Yaquina Head Natural Area
Copple Beach
Copple Beach
Having a ball!
Having a ball!
Howard at Yaquina Lighthouse
Howard at Yaquina Head Lighthouse
Yaquina Head Natural Area
Colors of Summer
Seal Rock (in the distance)
Seal Rock (in the distance)
"Tomorrow she will show you some of Yaquina Head Natural Area!"
“Tomorrow she will show you some of my friends here at Yaquina Head Natural Area!”

9 thoughts on “~Today’s Photos – July 26, 2014~”

    1. We saw some seals as well; they sure are fun to watch in the water. It is so cute to see their big eyes looking at you! Hope you are enjoying your summer!

  1. Thanks for taking me to the Oregon coast…we have never visited there. Your recent posts have sure peeked my interest. It is absolutely beautiful!

    1. Gay, the coast is beautiful and hopefully one day you will plan a visit and enjoy the scenery for yourself! Enjoy the “West Slppe!”

  2. This is like a blast from the past, all the lovely places along the OR coast we visited a couple of years ago. Thanks Sheila! 🙂

  3. Fond memories of 11 year ago, when I made my first visit to this place. My favorite memory was of the sea otters playing!

    1. Anne Marie! I am glad my photos are bringing back fond memories of your visit to the coast! You are now living in a beautiful place , which I know speaks to your inner soul!

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