~A funky town, a Blackfoot Warrior, Running Eagle Falls and a place called Two Medicine ~

Today we drove from West Glacier to the East entrance of Glacier National Park. Our destination, the Two Medicine area.

Along with today’s photos are a few taken yesterday as we drove Going-to-the-Sun Road.

Columbian Ground Squirrel Glacier National  Park
Columbian Ground Squirrel
Glacier National Park (West Entrance)
Alpine Flowers – Glacier National Park (West Entrance)
Indian Paintbrush Glacier National Park
Indian Paintbrush
Glacier National Park (West Entrance)


Two Medicine, Glacier National Park

The landscape in East Glacier is different from West Glacier. The mountains are mostly bare rock as opposed to being tree covered on the West side. There are lots of Aspen and Cottonwood trees, which must be spectacular in the fall!

This area of Glacier has fewer visitors (which we like), a kind of funky vibe to the town of East Glacier (also which we like), lots of hiking trails, dramatic-shaped mountains, reminding us of Colorado, and numerous glacier fed lakes.  A gorgeous, gorgeous area!

Two Medicine, East Glacier entrance. Two Medicine Lake in the background
Two Medicine Area. Two Medicine Lake in the background. Glacier National Park (East entrance)


Info taken from the Wed:

“Two Medicine has become a somewhat off-the-beaten-path discovery for most park visitors. Once discovered however it’s easy to see why many people consider this their favorite part of Glacier National Park.”

Black Cottonwood Tree
Black Cottonwood Tree – Two Medicine area. Glacier National Park (East entrance)
Running Eagle Falls
Running Eagle Falls named after a Blackfoot Warrior in Two Medicine area of Glacier National Park (East entrance)


The legion of the falls… Info taken from the web:

“This falls is named after Running Eagle (Pitamakan), a Blackfoot tribeswoman who lived around 1825. As the story goes, she gravitated to the skills of a Blackfoot warrior. She became a great hunter and was incredibly brave in the face of her tribes’ enemies. At one point, Running Eagle was instructed by the village elders to go on a vision quest in order to find her true calling. It is said that she went on this quest near the falls. Running eagle was able to tell of her adventures in the Medicine Lodge ceremonies while also becoming a member of the Braves Society of young warriors. She continued to lead successfully war and hunting parties until she died in a battle against a party of Flatheads near the Sun River.”

“Running Eagle, aka Brown Weasel Woman, was a Blackfoot woman who rescued her father after his horse was shot by an enemy tribe. The name Running Eagle was bestowed upon her for her bravery, and she was invited to join a warrior society, and acted as a female war chief. She was eventually clubbed to death by members of the Flathead Tribe in 1850 when she was caught trying to steal their horses during a battle.”


I wish I had more photos, but it began to rain!

I guess you could say we went on our own type of Vision Quest today.

4 thoughts on “~A funky town, a Blackfoot Warrior, Running Eagle Falls and a place called Two Medicine ~”

    1. Thanks! I thought the bark was lovely and interesting. I love trees and this one is a beauty! Thanks for confirming its beauty, which I tried to capture, through you artistic eye!

    1. Thank you! We are having a very nice trip for sure. We are very lucky to have an opportunity to see our beautiful country! I am so very glad you are enjoying it along with us! Thank you are commenting!

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