~Thursday, September 25, 2014~

Lake Dardanelle State Park in Russellville, Arkansas

Marina at Lake Dardanelle State Park
Marina at Lake Dardanelle State Park. This was our back yard for a day!

Our ride on this 25th day of September, 2014:

We traded the agricultural fields of sunflower, wheat and corn, that we drove through the day before, for trees. Gentle rolling hills covered with gorgeous trees. We traveled along I-35 to I-40 and spent one night at Lake Dardanelle State Park, located in Russellville, Arkansas.

This beautiful state park is surrounded by the Ouachita Mountains to the south and the Boston Mountain Range of the Ozarks to the north. Lake Dardanelle offers some of the finest fishing and boating resources in Arkansas. Formed by the Arkansas River, this 34,000 acre man-made lake is two miles west of Russellville. (info taken from web)

We will definitely return to LDSP when we have more time to explore this lovely area.

Reflections on Lake Dardanelle
Reflections on Lake Dardanelle
Bass fishing
This area is a major bass fishing tournament site!
Arkansas Nuclear Plant as seen from Lake Dardanelle State Park
Arkansas Nuclear Plant as seen from Lake Dardanelle State Park
Damselfly hanging around at Lake DarDdnelle State Pak
Damselfly hanging around at Lake Dardanelle State Pak

A unique place for fuel:

When we left Wellington, Kansas we had to fuel up. We decided to stop in Billings, OK at the Cimarron Travel Plaza. This was the cleanest truck stop we have ever been in! The large parking lot was spotless. When we pulled up to the pump an employee came up to us and said he would pump the fuel and clean our windshield. He stated it was a courtesy of the Travel plaza.

This was a first.  When we mentioned how clean everything was he beamed with pride.  If you are ever in this area stop in for fuel!!

Being the navigator is sometimes a thankless job:

Our route today took us through Tulsa and it wasn’t a fun experience. Road construction with too many, small detour signs telling us which direction to go in.  Our well planned research fallingl by the wayside. My Gps screaming at me for not following his directions. The driver, well what can I say. As navigator on this crew, I wasn’t happy either.

However, we made it though Tulsa and arrived in Russellville, Arkansas all in one piece to enjoy this peaceful, lovely state park.


Site 46 at Lake Dardanelle State Park
Site 46 at Lake Dardanelle State Park

On Friday, September 26, 2014 we left Russellville and traveled to Lake Village, Arkansas to visit another Arkansas state park called Lake Chicot. More on this state park to follow.

3 thoughts on “~Thursday, September 25, 2014~”

  1. Thanks for the pictures of this state park. It was foggy when we arrived there for a one night stay in 2006 and I didn’t even take any pictures. Looking forward to your post about Lake Chicot.

  2. Well,you certainly have been getting around! Oh the joys and sorrows of travel! Still, what an adventure! Arkansas is a place that surprised me with its wildlife and beauty when we traveled through it.

  3. I had some reading and catching up to do. I was especially happy to read all is good for you and your travels have begun. Praise God!
    The reflections in the water are so pretty!
    We haven’t traveled in Arkansas…thanks for sharing!

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