~Fort De Soto Park-Tern Games~

We are spending this week in an amazing location! We are parked at Fort De Soto County Park in Tierra Verde, Florida.

I could not resist posting a few photos, out of order, where we are this week. I have so many photos to share of the places we have been, between leaving “the farm” and arriving in Tierra Verde, Florida. We are having a wonderful adventure visiting and traveling with friends, visiting family and seeing this beautiful country! I don’t seem to have time to post!

Sunrise  from South Beach, Fort De Soto County Park- (Tampa Bay Bridge)
Sunrise, this morning from South Beach, Fort De Soto County Park- (Tampa Bay Bridge)
"You go hide: One, Two, Three....."
“You go hide: One, Two, Three…..”
"Tag, you're it"
“Tag, you’re it”
"I have something in my ear"
“I have something in my ear”
Tern Yoga
Tern Yoga
"Whatca got there, Cass?"
“Whatca got there, Cass?”
Shake it baby!
Shake it baby!
Caspian Tern
Caspian Tern
“What will the day bring?” Joy and Love!

 I took the above photos this morning at Fort De Soto County Park, South Beach, just as the sun was rising. What a wonderful way to start the day!

10 thoughts on “~Fort De Soto Park-Tern Games~”

  1. Thanks for posting! We have heard that Fort DeSoto is a beautiful park but were warned some of the sites are hard to get to in a big rig because of the trees so we never tried it. We’ve been to the beach there and enjoyed it.

    I’m way behind in my posts, too. We stayed at Lake Chicot and really enjoyed it.

    1. Hi Beth! My friend Karla with her husband walked the park before they left us on Thursday and marked what sites we could all fit into. There were four 40 foot coaches in our group. We are in Site 86!

      We had to park in the doggie section. There are “good” sites, but you just have to be careful in picking.

      I will send you Karla’s list when I get it from her.

  2. That’s quite the bridge isn’t it? (And wonderful sunrise!) I’ve been over the bridge few times, and always feel a little trepidation on the approach, but it’s always a spectacular ride. I did it last March, and it was one of our final views of the wonderful, sun-water-beach-and-blue-sky life before we disappeared into the airport and flew back to winter in Wisconsin (an ugh moment). It looks like you spent quite a bit of time in that park. How very nice!!

    1. It is a beautiful bridge! We drove over it to head to Lake Manatee and Myakka State Parks and enjoyed the view of the bridge as much as the view of the area from the bridge.I bet March is a wonderful time to visit this area. We are having a wonderful time in Florida. Spotted a few Sandhills already!

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