11 thoughts on “~Photos of the Day `11/15/2014`-Limpkins~”

    1. Ingrid, I wish it would clear for you as well. I have never been to Galveston, but I would bet the birding is fantastic. Look up, if you haven’t already, any Audubon Society Club in the area. This is a great way to find the birding places. Houston has a big club. At least we aren’t in single digit temps!! Can you believe our CO weather?

      1. Our daughter says it’s been nasty. So yes, very glad I’m not in CO right now. The visitor center had some good info on the birding on the island, but I’ll definitely check into the Audubon Society…. thanks 🙂

  1. I came across your blog when looking for other birders via WordPress recently. What great images! I especially like the pair “sunning”. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Good Morning! We are seeing several new Florida State Parks this year, plus the one county park (Fort Desoto). All of them are beautiful, especially Myakka River! I enjoyed this park, because of all the birding. Thanks! I am glad you are enjoying traveling with us!

  2. You are my dictionary…. my encyclopedia of new knowledge about these beautiful creatures! Sending you and =H love and blessings as you enjoy your winter. Yes, I am grateful too, that I am no long in CO right now, looking at the temps! Happy Trails, Dragon Lady!

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