~For the Love of Herons-Tricolored~

Back to Myakka River State Park for this post…


With one last opportunity to observe the beautiful Myakka River and the numerous birds that visit this area, we stood on a bridge and looked out across the water. I knew, for this winter season, it would be my last visit to Myakka River State Park. I fell in love with this state park and this spot on the bridge.

The next morning we were leaving and I remember feeling sad. My photos of this Tricolored Heron were taken on this evening.


The Tricolored heron, formerly known as Louisiana Heron, is truly gorgeous The name tricolored refers to the dark upperparts, white underparts, and the reddish brown stripes on the fore neck. You will often see this heron wading out into a salt marsh belly deep; deeper than most other herons.



The heron was running back and forth stirring the water hoping to scare up something to eat.  He didn’t know it, but he was entertaining us with his actions.


By this time the sun was setting and the light was fading. The heron seemed to become more frantic trying to catch something to eat before nightfall. It was getting harder to capture sharp shots, but it sure was fun trying. Several times he would run, stop and lift his wings over his head!






Thank you Tricolored for giving me a wonderful experience, making me smile and lifting my sadness. I hope to see you again when we return to Myakka River.


Until next time…

9 thoughts on “~For the Love of Herons-Tricolored~”

    1. Hi Ingrid and thank you for your lovely comment! It sure warms the heart to be able to observe these birds doing what they do. If you can find them in shallow water in the early morning or late evening wait around and they just might perform! It is very cool to watch! Hoping you are having a blast, take care!

  1. I love how this gorgeous bird appeared to be getting more colorful and more beautiful to look at as your photos progress! You didn’t say, but I hope he did find something to eat? Those are just awesome shots, Sheila!

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