Soaring, among the clouds,

riding, wind currants higher and higher,

circling, looking for prey,

gliding, enjoying the hunt,

diving, for the kill.


Photo taken at The Celery Fields in Sarasota, Florida


Lunch time
Lunch time
"Why are you watching me eat my lunch?"
“Why are you watching me eat my lunch?”
"I'am not sharing!"
“I’am not sharing!”

Photos taken near Rainbow Springs State Park in Dunnellon, Florida


Nice catch!
Nice catch!

Photo taken Fort De Soto County Park in Tierra Verde, Florida


Sharing with Michelle at Nature’s Notes




12 thoughts on “~Osprey~”

    1. Thank you Michelle, I love linking to your blog! I though of you while visiting the Big Bend Power Station, they have developed a beautiful Butterfly garden with educational information and interactive fun for everybody! Hopefully, I will post and link today (Tuesday)

    1. Thank you Gunilla! I love trying to capture flying birds! We were standing on an observation deck, not seeing much, then this Osprey flew by. It gave me an opportunity for a flight shot! Glad you stopped by, have a great day!

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