~Gobble, Gobble~

A lovely pair of Wild Turkeys

Lake Louisa State Park, located near Clermont, Florida, has many acres of old-growth Orange Groves, some bordering the main road into the park. Presently, these groves are non-producing, but provide great habitat for birds and other wildlife.

Recently, some of these trees have been uprooted and stacked in piles as you can see in the photo below.

Uprooted Orange Trees. Rows and rows of them.

I wish the park’s management will allow some of the piles to remain for the wildlife seeking refuge, but I tend to believe they won’t. Better yet, why don’t they plant new trees in their place. They don’t have to replant orange trees.

This is what they looked like  prior to being uprooted.
This is what the field looked like on December 26, 2014 as they began uprooting the trees..

Anyway “Lets Talk Turkey”

Late one evening about one week ago, leaving the guys behind, my friend Karla and I decided to jump in the car and head out in search of a pair of American Kestrels. We had been seeing them daily, when driving in and out of the park.

The Kestrels had been hanging around some of these mangled piles of orange trees, perhaps getting ready to build a nest. They would sit on one of the tallest points of the stack, probably looking for food.  I wanted to capture a photo of them.

On this particular evening we didn’t see the American Kestrel pair, I think it was too late in the day, but we did see this gorgeous couple, along with seven other females, coming out of the woods to forage before roosting for the night. They were pretty far away so my photos aren’t the best. The guys missed out!

To learn more about our Wild Turkeys go to http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/birds/wild-turkey/.

Wild Turkey Pair

Until Next Time

Stay Frisky

Maybe she is saying, “pick me instead of her”.

I am sharing this post with Eileen, Viewing nature with Eileen for her Saturday’s Critters at http://viewingnaturewitheileen.blogspot.com/2015/02/saturdays-critters-63.html


14 thoughts on “~Gobble, Gobble~”

  1. Awesome post on the Turkeys! Neat sighting. It would be nice if the pile of trees were left for the birds and critters to seek refuge.. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post with my critter party.. Happy weekend!

  2. Pretty wild turkeys, it looks like you were pretty close, they always run away when I try to photograph them!!

    1. They are spooky for sure. I have seen them closer in South Llano State Park in Junction, Texas. This park is a dedicated habitat for them. Glad you stopped by!

  3. Those “skulk” piles would be vary valuable for wildlife if just left as they are. With our tidy human minds I suppose the orange grove will be overdeveloped and end up with less wildlife.

    Good to see your Wild Turkeys enjoying life.

    1. Hi Marie! I would have loved to capture the Kestrels, but was very pleased to see so many Wild Turkeys running around free. I will keep trying for an American Kestrel photo. We have spent many days camping in the Oro Valley area, just north of Tucson. We sure enjoy our time hiking around the Catalina Mountains. Have a glorious week. Happy Birding.

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