~Time Zones~

Time Zones – love them, hate them, don’t care….

We have been traveling in Eastern Time Zone for the last 5 months. My body and mind doesn’t fully enjoy being in this Time Zone. I try, really I do!

Everything is late:

`Get up late

`Go to bed late

`Eat late

`Even Happy Hour is late

Howard feels the same. When we wake up in the morning first thing he says is, “We’re late!” And, so the day goes. {grins}

Let me say, before I have people upset with me, this feeling of befuddlement has absolutely nothing to do with anyone, nor the towns, cities and states we visit. Instead it has everything to do with how my mind and body functions outside of its tranquil Time Zone.

As we head west, toward one of the magical, dotted, Time Zone, lines, I can feel slight tingles. My body is tingling with anticipation at being closer to my perfect Time Zone.

Entering the Central Time Zone gets me a little closer. After spending the first 33 years of my life in the Central Time Zone you would think I would be fine. Its better than Eastern, but doesn’t put my mind and body in a total blissful state.

Having lived almost 29 years in the Perfect Time Zone, I look forward to being back there and having my mind and body once again in harmony. One would wonder, if living in the Perfect Time Zone, why would I want to ever leave?

I guess the answer is, to see the people whom I love dearly, and to experience the beauty of the towns, cities and states that just happen to be outside the perfect Time Zone boundaries.

As I get closer to crossing the final, magical, dotted, Time Zone line, I will let you know. Deep within my heart and soul there will be joy, and calm will replace the befuddlement.

Gosh, can’t wait until this weekend, oh the joy of daylight saving time. Just when I thought I had a handle on this Time Zone stuff.


I bet this Snowy Egret wishes he was in another Time Zone.
I bet this Snowy Egret wishes he was in another Time Zone.

 Until next time, I hope you are in your “comfort” Time Zone!

A focused Snowy Egret; looking better. Perhaps he slipped over into another Zone.
A focused Snowy Egret; looking better. Perhaps he slipped over into his Perfect Zone.

12 thoughts on “~Time Zones~”

  1. I think I do best in the Central time zone, but won’t be back there until the fall. AZ doesn’t do daylight savings. Too bad, I’ve always looked forward to it.

  2. I can so relate. The east coast and west coast always mess me up. I like it in the middle. Mountain or Central time zones work for me 🙂

  3. I always feel confused when I travel to different time zones, too. Sounds like you will be back to your “home zone” soon. Love the pictures of the egret, nice to know I’m not the only one who has trouble with my hair blowing in my face on a windy day. 🙂

    1. Hi Janell, yes that poor Snowy Egret was trying to catch a little more food before calling it a day. The evening sky was dull and the wind was blowing pretty hard. It was funny when reviewing my photos to see its long, breeding, neck, feathers blowing in its face. Time Zone, who needs them! 🙂

  4. I’m always confused with different time zones but I’m just the opposite from you. I’ve lived in the Eastern Time Zone for most of my life and going west always messes me up. We will be in Central Time on Saturday so when we set our watch back we will have to spring forward an hour on Sunday and be right back on the same time! I’ll really be confused then!

    1. We were traveling in AZ many years ago and stopped at a laundry mat to do some wash. We were so confused about what time it was that we approached another customer and ask the time. After a strange look she answered.

      Mountain Time rocks!

  5. I know what you mean about the east coast time zone. We have the same issues. Safe travels as you make your way to a time zone in the middle. 🙂

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