~Just Look~

Look up,

look down,

look around, 

and always,

look forward,

to tomorrow.

Howard and I had fun watching these Canada Geese while camped at Meaher State Park in Spanish Fort, Alabama. Not long after the geese found a safe rousting spot and the sun dipped over the horizon, a full moon greeted us with its bright happy face to wish us sweet dreams.

Look Left
Look Left
Look Right
Look Right
Look Down
Look Down
Look Up
Look Up
Camped along Mobile Bay
Camped along Mobile Bay
Sunset over Mobile Bay
Sunset turning Mobile Bay aglow.

Until next time…..

Just Look!

Full Moon over Mobile Bay
Full Moon over Mobile Bay




9 thoughts on “~Just Look~”

    1. This was our second visit to this Alabama state park. It is a nice relaxing stop over. The bay is beautiful, a couple of nice piers to walk with birding opportunities . The cajun style food, at the local restaurants, is fresh and excellent.

  1. Too beautiful for words. Will be sending you some pictures of most recent quilts, along with a poem written to explain them! Cannot wait to share them with you and Gale. Hugs, AM ___________________________________________ You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. ~ Richard Bach ________________________________________

    1. Michelle, they were a very cute pair. One or the other seemed to always be fussing, but truly cared for each other! Watching birds, in their natural habitat is so rewarding! You would understand my comments! 😉 So glad to hear from you! Hope things are warming up for you and your backyard friends!

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