~My Sleepy Elk and his friends

Here are photos of three of the four Elk we spotted while driving toward Estes Park. These guys were lounging around in someone’s front yard. Perhaps full and lazy after a fine meal.

The Sleepy Guy
The Sleepy Guy

They were laying behind this fence on the grass and I didn’t want to get too close and bother them.

The Sleepy Guy and his friends
The Sleepy Guy and his friends
The Alert One
“Okay, you’re had your fun, now go away.”

These young Bull Elk are still sporting some of their winter coat, which will be replaced with shiny, smooth hair.

If you would like to read more about Elk visit this web site called Elk Facts. Below are a few Antler Facts taken from this web-site:

  • Only male elk have antlers
  • Bulls shed and grow a new set of antlers every year
  • New antlers are covered in fuzzy skin called velvet
  • Antlers harden by late summer and the velvet peels away
  • By September, antlers are solid bone
  • A set of antlers on a mature bull can weigh up to 40 pounds
 Featured photo: Meet another friend.
A little tease on an upcoming post.
A little tease on an upcoming post.

5 thoughts on “~My Sleepy Elk and his friends”

  1. Wildlife photos are the greatest…always exciting to have those kinds of photographing opportunities. I enjoyed the antler facts!

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