~To Those that Heal

To all the vets and medical staff at CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital and Cancer Center, a thank you for helping our Kloudy girl!

With dedication and strong minds,

healers stand above,

with compassion and kind hearts,

healers go beyond.

Playing Fetch in Bronze
Playing Fetch in Bronze
We all must have a memory like this. I know I do.
We all must have a memory like this. I know I do.
Making it all better!
Making it all better!
Best Friends
Best Friends

I took these photos on the grounds and in the lobby of the James L. Voss Veterinary Hospital at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Some updates on Kloudy that I wrote on FB:

July 17, 2015: We picked Kloudy up today around 10:30. She cried all the way home and for the longest time once she was home. For the last hour she is laying down and sleeping on and off seemingly, peacefully. Skye didn’t like Kloudy’s distress and would whine and bark, not liking it one bit. They are both quiet at the moment. Thank goodness! Kloud will have to be confined for 10-14 days, only potty outings, no exercise of any kind, no playing, etc. She is wearing one of those cone collars that the vet said over and over, “do not take off”. We have four meds to give her, first round at 3:00pm. The lab work probably won’t come in until Monday. They removed the rectal tumor, three lymph nodes and the liquid cystic mass. The vet stated they have never seen this type of cystic mass, with lymph nodes floating in there. They must have consulted Oncology and they stated they didn’t know what caused it or even what it was per say. Maybe the lab work will give them a better idea. Let’s hope no cancer cells found!!! Also, I wish for her lots of peaceful sleep, she needs it. It sure hurts to see your four-legged best friends and family members in any kind of pain. Parts of her legs, back and abdomin have been shaved with only her fluffy white tail left back there.

July 18, 2015: Howard sleep downstairs with Kloud and every little movement or sound from Kloudy had Syle whining, barking and wanting to go see what the problem is. I finally just came downstairs and Howard went upstairs to sleep for a couple of hours.  Skye loves her sista!!!

July 18 around 2:00pm: She has been sleeping a lot probably from pain medications, she ate her breakfast and went out to potty twice, which of course is all good! We are now waiting on the lab work to come in, hopefully Monday.


I will share what the vet wrote, in her assessment,  in hopes that you will be able to recognize these systems if your dog or cat experiences such a problem:

“Cloud is straining to defecate and has misshaped (flattened) stools when she does defecate. On abdominal ultrasound, the structure dorsocaudal in the bladder was cystic in appearance and about 5cm x 7.c cm in size. In addition, the left medial iliac lymph node was mildly enlarged, a small splenic nodule was identified, and both the spleen and liver have increased echogenicity throughout. Since one of the most common anal sac tumors, adenocarcinoma, can readily metastasize to the medial iliac lymph nodes, we decided to include an abdominal exploratory surgery in the plan for Kloud in order to obtain this lymph node for biopsy.”

If your doggie is straining to poop and has misshaped stools have your vet do a rectal exam. Our vet felt the tumor right away. We don’t know how long Kloudy has had this tumor. I understand that this type of anal sac tumor is common.

“Wish love in my heart for all our four-legged friends.”

6 thoughts on “~To Those that Heal”

  1. Thank you so much for the update Sheila! I am glad to read Kloud is resting well. She has been on my mind since her last post. Continued prayers until the tests come back. Just the mention of the Oncology word is so scary……hugs to you all!

  2. Thanks for the update, Sheila:) I can only imagine how hard is for the three of you watching your friend in pain. Hope this finds Kloudy more comfortable. Praying you get positive results Monday:)

  3. Thank you, each of you, for your sincere comments; they are greatly appreciated! We still don’t have any additional news on Kloudy; no labs report as yet. She is healing very well, she is tired of not being able to go for a walk and extremely tired of wearing the big, cone collar around her neck. She is such a sweet girl and seems to take things in stride. We take her bed and place it on the deck, which she loves doing. She just watching out over the city and of course we are right there with her. More to come, when I hear from the vets.

    Update on July 23rd at 11:30am. We have heard from Kloudy’s CSU Vet. Both the tumor and the cyst had cancerous cells. The lymph node that was removed outside either of these WASN’T cancerous; we are going to place our hope on this fact. We have an appointment with CSU Oncology for a consult on August 10th. Love and hugs to those of you who have written for her best wishes.

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