~On this day

August 9, 1975

On this day,

forty years ago,

we pledged our love,

and said I do.

August 9, 2015

On this day,

and everyday since,

we express our love for each other,

and will, forever and always.

The joy in my heart and the light of my life –  my dear hubby and our two “girls”.

Photo taken last summer as we traveled the Oregon Coast.

16 thoughts on “~On this day”

    1. Hi Sylvia! Thank you so much. I didn’t even consider which Anniversary it is! 😉 I like Rubies!!! Hope you are enjoying each and every day.

  1. I do believe I took that pic!!! Happy Triple Anniversaries; you are 15 years ahead of us, and Larry’s folks will celebrate #70. We will have a Champagne toast to you tomorrow. Miss you guys; can’t wait to see you again. K&L

    1. Happy Anniversary to you my dear sweet friend! To you and Larry, I wish many, many more years of happiness together. It is wonderful to share so special a day with you guys. Give hugs to Hazel and Wayne, wow 70! Have fun tomorrow at the celebration. Hope you had a special Saturday!!

      I do believe you did take this photo! It was a special time being able to travel with yawl last summer! Love and hugs!

  2. Sheila,

    Happy anniversary to you and Howard, May you have many more!

    Julie and Mckenna

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Hello Julie! Thank you so much for the wishes! Hope things are going well there in Tucson. Hopefully one day we will be back there for a visit. Give your precious little McKenna a big hug for me.

    1. Hi Michelle! Wonderful to hear from you. I need to get back to posting more on my blog and reading and commenting on yours and others. I feel like time and especially the summer is passing so quickly. Too many things going on.

      Sitting outside these past few days, in the evening, we have been entertained by several Hummingbirds. There is a male Black chinned, a male Broad-tailed and I believe two female BT. You would think they could agree to all drink a little instead of chasing each other away – none get to drink. Fun to watch for sure! Take care.

    1. Wow, this is a first, glad you posted! Thanks so much for your wishes. We are having good days. Howard has been busy with all his projects and I have been busy playing Picklyball and trying to capture Hummingbird photos. 😉

      This morning we bring Kloudy to CSU for blood work and a consult. She seems to be doing well. Will post what they say.

      Hopefully, things will go well with her and we can travel this winter. We are looking forward to seeing you guys! Love and hugs to you both!

    1. Hi Beth, you are sweet and I appreciate your wishes! Hoping you are having fun days. How can we not have wonderful days enjoying retired life? 🙂 Chat with you again soon!

  3. A very Happy 40th Anniversary! We celebrate 39 on the 14th:) It has all gone so quickly and I wouldn’t trade a day. You and I are both so very blessed to have had so many treasured years filled with love:) Hope there are many more years to come:)

    1. Your beautiful words are so true and I thank you for posting such lovely thoughts here. We are blessed aren’t we. I will be sending special wishes your way and thinking about you on the 14th. Continue to enjoy everyday and keep those hiking boot photos coming! 😉

  4. And a grand Happy Anniversary to you and Howard! The years do pass by so quickly. What a blessing to have found your soul mate.

    It is so good to hear from you Sheila…

    1. Hi Gay! You are so right. I found my soul mate on his birthday 08/24/1974. I tease him saying, “I am your lifelong birthday present.”

      Where does the time go? I ask myself that often, but at lease we all are enjoying each and everyday of this wonderful life. You and Joe, I know, are enjoying each moment with each other and your Tan Gang! I always look forward to seeing your gorgeous photos from the front seat of Pearl! Hugs to you both!! Happy Trails! 🙂

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