~The Daily Post Photo Challenge-Boundaries

Boundaries, in this case, equals confined.

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Barred Owl
Barred Owl
"Who Cooks for You"
Beautiful Eyes


Don’t feel pity for me,

I have an injury and,

can’t be set free.


We’re part of a team,

teaching all those that come,

the wonders that be.


Red-tail Hawk
Red-tail Hawk
"I am fine."
“I am fine.”

I took these photos back in February while visiting the Hobe Sound Nature Center. Sorry for the poor lighting.  I wasn’t able to determine the cause of the injuries to these two beautiful birds.

You can visit the web-site for the HSNC at http://hobesoundnaturecenter.com to see the other members of the “Teaching Team”.

Even though confined by the boundaries of perches and enclosures, I believe they have the best possible life under the circumstances.

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