~Osprey Pair

Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Hobe Sound, Florida

After many days of rain and overcast skies, it felt wonderful to experience the sun on our faces this morning. On our walk, we came upon this Osprey pair.

The male was flying around, letting us know he wasn’t happy with us intruding in his domain, one outcry we have never heard before. His cry was LOUD and truly shocking. After several passes over our heads, he finally landed near his mate.

The female, when we first neared their tree was sitting out on a branch, she then decided to fly into the nest.

Both kept an eye on us the whole time while I was taking photos.

We didn’t stay on the hiking path near the nest long. It was warming up quickly and the doggies were ready to turn around. Plus we didn’t want to upset this beautiful pair.




Through the Pines. I wasn’t able to capture a quality photo of him in flight.
Fly by, artsy version
Both back by the nest
A pretty big nest!

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