~Art by Isabella

Every now and then moments of unexpected joy arrives at your doorstep…

In a world, upside down, with worries of our culture being destroyed, with sadness and defeat blasting over the airways, it was heartwarming to observe a family enjoying their holidays here in Lake Louisa State Park.
Howard and I were pleased to have met this lovely family – Dad, Mom, two sons and a daughter who were camped across from us.
Aidan and Isabella enjoyed petting Skye and Kloud, and that of course is how we met. Animals always seem to help people make a connection don’t they.
Yesterday, eleven year old Isabella presented us with a piece of art that she created using melted crayons. Her Dad stated, “This is a new thing kids are doing.” It warmed my heart! I know she was busy, biking, kayaking and sightseeing, which made her gift even more special.
They left this morning heading back to their daily routines of work and school. I wish for them, and know they will have, happy and successful lives. Sometimes you just know, based on interactions, this will be so.



I think I need to modify my post just a little; I didn’t know until just now, but should have known, that Aidan helped Isabella with this art piece and I want to give Aidan my thanks as well. Thank you, Aidan!

Art by Isabella

Happy New Year, Art by Isabella!
Happy New Year!

Isn’t it beautiful?

Wishing each of you – wonderful adventures, happiness in whatever you do, with love in your lives always.


Please, excuse the quality of the photo, it is taped to our dirty RV windshield.

16 thoughts on “~Art by Isabella”

    1. Thank you we enjoyed meeting you and the dogs. I hope we see each other again next Christmas at Lake Louisa State Park

  1. Thank you we enjoyed meeting you and hope we’re might see each other again next Christmas at Lake Louisa State Park.☺

  2. Thank you! The kids are going to miss you both and the puppies! They want us to book vacation there next year to meet up with you again. (PS: Aidan says he helped too. 😉 ). It is always refreshing to meet great people!

    1. Hi Isabella, we so enjoyed meeting you and your family. Good luck in school and keep painting! Hope our paths cross again; if not we can always keep in touch via the blog! Hugs to you!

  3. Yes, the dogs are a great way to open conversation:) I talk to all the dogs as I go around the park. It’s my way of having a dog the easy way (like grandchildren).

    What a beautiful piece of art work:)

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