~Signs of Spring


Look around,

signs of Spring,

are abound.

Fluttering wings,

colorful blooms,

birds that sing.


Swallowtail Butterfly
Northern Mockingbird
Making way for new feathers


The rains came and haven’t stopped, reminding us once again that this is an El Nino year.  What a time to be in Louisiana. What else should we have expected, plus it is Spring.

Yesterday, we were camping in Mandeville, Louisiana at Fairview Riverside State Park. The day we arrived management closed the RV loop closest to the river. We kept watching the water rise in the park and had a feeling we would be asked to evacuate, and that is what happened. We packed up quickly and drove a short distance to Hammond, Louisiana. The rains came again and haven’t stopped – twelve inches so far!

We will stay in Hammond until we feel it is safe to travel; hopefully a window of opportunity will present itself on Saturday so we can head west toward home.

We enjoyed our stay in Florida, even though it was rainy. Since my last post on travel news, we attended HamCation Ham Fest in Orlando, spend time again with friends at Lake Louisa and Rainbow Springs State Parks and then headed west. Our week at my most favorite “resort” was priceless; being with family is always a wonderful treat.

We are hoping our trek home will be dry, enjoyable and uneventful.


Spring a time for renewal. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “~Signs of Spring”

  1. Ahhh camellias…I had several planted at our land house and always enjoyed their beauty.
    Safe travels as you make your way home Sheila.

    1. Hi Gay! The Camellias were in full bloom. My brother and sister-in-law have several in all colors. His Azaleas were starting to bloom. We are in Beaumont, TX tonight for one night. Drove through lots more rain today.

      Hope, you and family are doing well!

    1. Hi Beth! I sure hope we don’t experience rain as we did Thursday night! We finally drove far enough west today into a little sunshine, which feels lovely!

      Hope you are doing well and enjoying your adventures on the road!

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