~Today’s Feathered Friend-Tree Swallow in Rocky Mountain National Park

Tree Swallow
Tree Swallow

It’s early morning. The car is packed with snacks, lunch, water and lots of camera gear. Excitement fills the air. We chat about our hopes of seeing a Moose, of taking photos of other wildlife and capturing the serenity of nature, and of breathing into our lungs the fresh air in the higher elevations of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Leaving Loveland we travel west along the twisty Big Thompson River, into the narrow canyon and continue climbing until we reach Rocky Mountain National Park. We make one stop along the way. A stop in Drake; I want to look for a Dipper.

I have fond memories of observing Dippers feeding along the Big Thompson River years ago when we first moved to Colorado. We pull over and search the banks of the river, but our luck isn’t with us on this endeavor. We hop back into the car and continue our journey. We enter and drive through the town of Estes Park and soon we reach the entrance booth into Rocky.

We stop at Sheep’s Lake, because Linda had heard that the day before a Moose had been spotted wondering around the area. We stopped also, because we just couldn’t drive by this picturesque scene. We didn’t see a Moose, but stood in awe gazing at the beautiful, snow-covered mountain tops and enjoying the quiet.


After “drinking” in the beauty of Sheep’s Lake, we continued toward Endovalley.


As we travel along, I stop the car and ask Linda “What is that bird sitting on the branch of that tree? Oh, its a Tree Swallow.” I jump out of the car, grab my camera from the back seat and try to capture this gorgeous Tree Swallow as it sits in the sun preening. The first photo above is the ever swooping, diving, sliding little swallow as it takes a “sun” break. What a beautiful area this little Tree Swallow calls home.


Slowly driving a little further we enjoy the scenery and just had to stop when we saw these backlit, Aspens. Yes, spring has reached some areas in Rocky! The photos don’t reflect the beauty of these trees as a faint breeze and morning light kiss their new leaves.




A glance across the road reveals the beauty of more Aspen, plus the signs that Elk have been enjoying a snack.




Well little Tree Swallow, thanks for sunbathing this morning. You invited us to pause for a closer look, giving us a chance to observe your surroundings and to photograph you. Thanks for sharing your home with us today!

Our day in Rocky Mountain National Park  continues, so stay tuned.



4 thoughts on “~Today’s Feathered Friend-Tree Swallow in Rocky Mountain National Park”

    1. It would be very hard for me to pick just one favorite feathered friend. I love them all. It was nice seeing a swallow sitting still. It was preening.
      The Scrub Jays, Spotted Towhees and Black-capped chickadees are close to the top of my list.

      Thanks for stopping by!! Enjoy your days!! 😊

    1. Hi Gay! So very nice to hear from you. You guys are still enjoying the “back” roads of Moab!!

      Rocky Mountain National Park is beautiful! Remember, if you and Joe come this way we can go birding and exploring! 💜

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