I believe, after much studying, that this beautiful little lady is a Rufous. I could be wrong, sometimes the only different between the females are tail length



Broad-tailed, notice the eye ring and the spotted cheeks.



“You talking to me.”



“Until next time, please keep putting food out for us migrating little beauties.”


16 thoughts on “~Humm”

  1. What a beautiful header photo of the hummingbird Sheila. I am always in awe of these wonderful little creatures.

    I hope you have had a nice summer…it’s good to hear from you. I think of you often.

  2. Hi Gay! I think of you and Joe all the time. I dont have an excuse for not blogging, really. Seems like the summer has flown by. I have been playing a lot of Pickleball, working in the yard, and doing what else with my time, I just don’t know. 😜

    Funny how that happens. I enjoy being outside and don’t want to spend my time inside. I am tired in the evening, which is a good thing I guess and don’t seem to want to get on the computer. I

    I need and want to get back to blogging. I think the coming winter will change things around. Hope you are doing well! Thanks for thinking of me! 💖

  3. Beautiful, as always.

    Missing you and sending good thoughts you way!



    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Today is a blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one. ~ Improbables Librairies


    1. Thank you Annie. Glad you liked seeing them. I have a butterfly bush in the yard and it is full of blooms. The humers love this bush! Try again to attract them! I know that they are visiting yards around Loveland.

  4. Love these sweet little birds. Your pictures are so gorgeous! I don’t know how you get such fantastic shots as those little ones are super fast! You must have some magic! 🙂 They love the flowers around the door of my studio and just dart in and out of my door all the time. About the time I realize they are there, they are off again!

    1. You my dear friend have the magic! You must have sent one of your beautiful Fairies to guide me in capturing the personalities of these hummers! It must be so peaceful sitting in your studio creating your gorgeous art and glancing up now and then to watch the hummingbirds! Maybe they are sending you some special magic. 😉

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