~Tanka-A Lovely Walk We Take


A breeze fall day

a lovely walk we take

peaceful heart and mind

knowing you are here






In the shadows of a day,

emotions fade in and out,

few get lost and can’t be found,

most remain to enlighten.



Today you walk beside us, for that we are grateful. 

6 thoughts on “~Tanka-A Lovely Walk We Take”

    1. Hi Gay!! Yes, they do make the best memories. Our Explorer’s days are limited; we have known that her cancer returned since April. It is always so painful, as you know, to see our four-legged best friends ill. She turned twelve on 10/08! On this walk, she didn’t want to turn around, which made us smile but we knew her limit these days.

      I hope you and Joe are doing well and enjoying your “good-times”. I always think of you guys and love to see you having so much fun.

      Hugs from my “pack” to yours!

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