~My View


~A cloudy, fall day at home…..


The trees we planted years ago are looking a little ragged. Age has a way of doing this to all living things. As ragged as this old tree looks, it still gives me pleasure looking out the window and seeing it, when sitting at my desk.

This tree attracts numerous species of birds each year, flocks of Waxwings and Robins, Jays, Doves, Woodpeckers, Bushtits, Sparrows, Towhees, Chickadees, Finches and Townsend Solitaries, to mention a few. It is a good tree.

I was sitting here at my desk, in what is called a basement, the other day looking out the window. Glowing up in the south, we didn’t have basements, this one sits in the ground, so the window is right at ground level. Strange at first, but normal after all these years. In fact, during the summer, this is the best place to be in our tri-level home, because it is the coolest room.

It was a cold, rainy day here in northern Colorado, in fact we have experienced several weeks of cold, rainy weather, so it was a good reason to be sitting inside. My window faces east and the view, from our hill, overlooks the town of Loveland. At times hubby and I think, “should we sell this house”, but quickly say “no”, because we still love The View. 

It occurred to me that I could take a photo from my chair looking out. I have seen photos showing a window frame with a view beyond and thought them to be interesting. Why I haven’t thought to do so prior to now, I don’t know.

After taking the photo and thinking about it, I realized it captures my personality perfectly. Perhaps most, but not all of the things I love are portrayed in this single shot. I guess each of us can take a look around our surroundings and it will highlight what we love.

What I love the most; however, isn’t in the photo – my sweet hubby sitting at his desk next to me and my best four-legged friend lying on the floor next to my chair.  I am positive them being near, adds to the comfortable feelings I have sitting here and looking out.

Looking at the photo, I can see things I like doing that fills my life with pleasure. Of course if you have followed this blog, you know I have a love for photography and birding. Some of my bird books are within reach for easy access to research.

Other times a calm, peaceful mind is needed and reaching for an adult coloring book, and spending an hour or two coloring takes me to a blissful state of mind (no thinking, no world tragedies to read or hear about). Or perhaps I want to do something a little more creative, beading fills that beautifully. My astronomy books are nearby and I do enjoy observing dark, clear skies, and reading about current astronomy events. Having spent a career in computers, I still enjoy time spend on my computer devices. What’s not to enjoy about, blogging and Words with Friends. BaHaHa!

In my view you can see an Orchid, a very special one, and one of eight. This one was an Anniversary gift from hubby this past August. It is still gorgeous after nearly two months. Of course, there are other things I enjoy, which aren’t reflected in my photo and these would be mostly outside activities. Traveling is another activity hubby and I enjoy a lot, and one that after awhile has be missing my view.

Truly, my intend was to simply capture the view from my desk, but it turned into something beyond a photo.

Why taking this photo and reflecting on what it shows, has put me in a “mood”. I use the word mood, because I can’t think of a better word or words to use. I admire those of you who can express your state of mind in beautifully written words.

I guess, in summary, my feelings might after all be easy to express…

~”A simple life and simple things, with a view to enjoy!”


Header photo: Taken, just as I was going to publish, through my window using my iPhone. I have several visitors who like to come see what I am doing and sometimes they will even peek in the window. One time I looked out and a deer was staring back at me. Mrs. Rabbit came to clean-up my messy yard and enjoy a few nibbles. I am hoping she will do a good job, so don’t pay any attention to my mess!

6 thoughts on “~My View”

    1. Good Morning Beth. You have a gorgeous view! Hope you are enjoying your days. We have had a lot of rain with low overnight temps in the 30’s. So far this morning we have a little sunshine. Yay!

  1. I love your “view”, I have a favorite one at home also, and we, too, discuss selling the cottage and moving on, but oh that view of the lake right outside my window! Ah well, way will open to a decision at some point, I’ll just wait for it!

    1. Sue, I have seen your view via your blog, you have a gorgeous one for sure! Water is so calming and beautiful. I don’t blame you for not wanting to leave there. It is fascinating to me how people decide what to do in their senior years. How do we go about making decisions, what processes are involved in reaching an answer – to stay, to move, when, where, etc. A day will come when we don’t want to travel anymore (or that we can’t for some reason) and a decision will be needed. I like to plan ahead, Howard says it will just happen. I will take your advice and “wait for it”. Enjoy AZ!

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