~Snow and record-breaking temperatures…

October 14, 2018, Loveland, Colorado

Received about three inches of snow overnight.  Before daylight, woke up to the sound of a snow ploy, on our hill. Tonight will be 15F, a record low for this time of year. Spend the day inside; cooked some dried Black-eyed Peas and drank lots of hot liquids. Brrrrr!

Starting tomorrow our temperatures will be more moderate.

I took this photo looking south, in the backyard.

The birds have been flying in and out of this evergreen tree all day trying to stay warm.

Young White-crowned Sparrow
Adult, White-crowned Sparrow
Spotted Towhee

The Juncos have been a challenge to capture, so no photos. Please excuse the poor quality of these bird photos, because I took them out the window.


6 thoughts on “~Snow and record-breaking temperatures…”

  1. Brrr!! The early snow and lower than normal temps really wrecked our Oct plan to visit southwest Colorado. I hope this is sign of the moisture to come. The west really needs the water.

  2. Wow… that kind of weather is definitely early for this time of year. It’s been at least 10 degrees cooler than normal in Phoenix and we’ve received near record rainfall for the month and it’s only the October 15th. The cacti are loving the moisture and soaking it up. Hopefully we’ll all enjoy a beautiful wildflower season in the spring.

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