2 thoughts on “~Pella Crossing”

  1. I was with my sister and niece for a couple of days and talked about various things. Heard Red-Belly WP in the area and told them that my friend has a few HUNDRED birds on her life-time list and shared some of your photos. They were quite in “Wow” are there really that many birds…just never thought about it before. Something very fun to share about the “lifelong bird lists” and different sightings as we explored St Augustine. Many thanks to you for opening my eyes to the world of our feathered friends! Hugs, K

  2. Sheila, it is always a thrill and mind boggling each time I wallow in the beauty and intelligence of your posts! LOVE every one of them. They make me sad in a way, because I never had a chance to learn how exciting and inspiring it is to be a birder. I can only wish that more folks teach their children to open their eye, and see how beautiful our world is.

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