~A snowy Day

Snow on the ground,

clear blue skies,

wind whistling through the pines,

all make a cold wintry day.


We woke up this morning to 9-degree temperatures with lite snow falling. By mid-morning the sun had melted a lot of the snow, but the temperature was still in the single digits.

I always try to keep the bird feeders free of snow.

Spotted Towhee
Just trying a panoramic shot of the backyard. A birdbath full of snow.
Blue skies
Bunny sunning herself!
I took this photo, of the Mallards, a few days ago. Not seeing a lot of waterfowl, on the ponds, mostly Canada Geese.


I wish Skye was here to enjoy this wintery day.
And, I wish she was this young.

Wishing for Spring!

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