5 thoughts on “~The Spirit of the Season”

  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to both you & Howard! I love the birding tree.

    How all is well & Howard’s eye is doing better. Brenda had caterac surgery 2wks ago on her right eye. Doing drops for the next month. All ok so far. Next eye in late Feb give or take a week or so.

    Not much like Christmas weather-wize… low 60’s day high 50’s nights. Last year it was bitter cold, but that was too extreme. I’m in the country (Lutcher/Paulina – where I grew up) on the levee getting ready to watch the bonfires get lighted up. My uncle still lives behind the house I grew up in. My Mom is with me, but Brenda had church tonight & can’t ever come.

    Y’all take care & hope that we see you soon!

    Lou (& Brenda)

    1. Hi Lou! Thanks for stopping by with your wishes. I hope you and your Mom have a fun night. I don’t believe I have ever seen the River Levee bonfires. Enjoy! Glad to hear that Brenda’s eye surgery went well. Love and hugs to you both!

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