~What happened to Spring

~After two days of falling snow, cold temperatures and high winds, the sun is out. Beautiful blue skies today! It is amazing how clear blue skies and sunshine can bring a smile and uplift a state of mind.

We are not venturing out except to go to the grocery store. Restaurants and some businesses are closed here in Loveland. Today Rocky Mountain Park was closed. It is heartbreaking.

I wish I had some comforting words to share,  but they seem to not come. I will say we will get through this hard time and America will be stronger and more prepared for the next challenge.

Hoping everyone stays safe and that you are able to find something that brings a smile to your face.

Here are a few photos I took this morning from my yard.

5 thoughts on “~What happened to Spring”

  1. Sheila as always, your photos are lovely.

    I can commiserate with your feelings of unease and personal inability to find a connectedness to what is happening and changing so rapidly.

    I am finding solace and hope in the earnestness that many ‘real’ people in my life are showing concern, support and validation of the differences in how each of us is able to deal with the current circumstances, the issue of meeting our individual and societal, needs without judgement or blaming. It is hard, but I see a light and it is not an oncoming train.

    Not sure if you know, but Jay and I have moved back to New England. We bought an 1812 farmhouse in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. We missed New England and wanted to be closer to family. We have grown children in Maine, New York City, Conway, Massachusetts and Wellington, Colorado as well as my siblings in Massachusetts. Our 39 year old daughter in Conway, Massachusetts is single, pregnant by invitro/choice and we felt the strong urge to be back in New England and closer to her to be supportive and part of our new grandson’s life. Good choice for us we believe. We dearly miss our daughter and granddaughter in Colorado, but will visit often.

    Please keep the thoughts and photos coming, I enjoy them so.
    Mary Lou

    1. Hi Mary Lou! I often wondered what you were doing. Thank you so much for responding and sharing what you have been doing. I hope you are enjoying your new home! Stay safe.

  2. Your exquisite pictures feed my soul and make me more committed to being brave, not letting the trials we are going through now break my heart, and giving me hope for an answer to all our prayers. Stay safe and thank you, Sheila, for the beauty you send.

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