~Wordless Wednesday

~Wordless Wednesday – not quite!

If you have something to say,

paint it on a rock.

If you feel something in your heart,

paint it on a rock.

If you have something to share,

paint it on a rock,

and leave it in a park.

I saw these painted rocks while riding my bike in a nearby park.

4 thoughts on “~Wordless Wednesday”

  1. This page today saved me from a really hurtful day of misery and loss of faith. It has been a really stressful 10 weeks trying to recover from foot surgery which had complications. Monday the visit to the doctor’s was a little disappointing, but today, after seeing the painted rocks I decided that I must be brave and not let the being alone, no one to talk to for so man days, and getting tired of sewing masks, listening to people complain, and being rude was not worth getting upset. It just happens.
    Then, came our lovely, sweet picture and words. It is greatly appreciated and has inspired e to jump on board and focus on the simple things around me. I have much to be grateful for and will tune in to those things that sing to me so I can enjoy the rest of my day, and this week. Thank you, Sheila, for the trip to the other side of the creek… the sky is blue, the sun is warm, and the birds are singing in the trees. They remind me of you, and Howard, and how grateful I am for your friendship.

  2. Hi dear friend! I am so grateful that I helped you today! I bet you would like painting on a rock. You can use acrylic paint. It is fun, I have done it. I challenge you to sent me a painted rock that you painted. Love and hugs to you!!!!

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